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  • prakki surya
    dear friends Deepavali means the series of lights. Krishna himself told in Gita ‘Jnana Deepena’ i.e., light means knowledge. In other verses also Swami
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005

      dear friends


      Deepavali means the series of lights.  Krishna himself told in Gita ‘Jnana Deepena’ i.e., light means knowledge.  In other verses also Swami told the same “Satvat Sanjayate” “Prakasa upa” i.e., Satvam (Good quality) is light.  Satvam means knowledge.  So light is knowledge.  Gita also says “NA PAVAKAH” i.e., Sun, Moon, and Fire cannot shine before Lord.  Veda also says the same  “Kutoya magnih”.  This clearly discourages the light in physical sense.  Veda and Gita are authorities.  Other Sanskrit verses written by blind Scholars are not authority.  Any body that learnt Sanskrit can write a verse.  Even “Charvaka”, the atheist wrote Sanskrit verses.


      So, why are you burning the lights and crackers, which cause pollution of environment leading to the green house effect?  Rains are not coming properly due to this.  By burning the lights, the ignorance – darkness is increasing. 


      Life is the light and hunger is the fire as said in Gita “Aham Vysvanaro”.  Give food to the beggars who are unable to do work and let the life lights glow.  You are burning these lights for so many generations.  Did Lord appear or appreciated at any time directly to any devotee?  Lakshmi (Money) comes to you by your sacrifice and not by these lights.  These lights benefit merchants only.  ‘Adi Sankara’ did this real Deepavali.  He lighted the ignorant people by wandering throughout India.  Lord was pleased by such propagation of knowledge and appeared before him in the cave of Himalaya.  Sankara dissolved in the Lord along with his body.  Today you must remember the real divine lights that propagated knowledge and devotion.  Such divine eternal lights are Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Meera, Tyagaraja etc., Inspired by those lights you should also become a light by participating in the divine propagation of knowledge and devotion.  You are burning lot of oil and ghee today through these lights.  Oil and ghee are food.  Veda says ‘Annam Naparichaksheeta’ i.e.; food should not be destroyed.  Food is also a form of Lakshmi (Dhanya Lakshmi).  You are burning Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth).  How can you get Lakshmi by this act? 


      Today is the victory of Satyabhama.  Satyabhama was the incarnation of Goddess Earth.  Naraka was her son.  For the sake of Lord she fought with her son and participated in the festival with joy, on this day when the Lord killed her son.  She has crossed the bond of children before the love on God.  Satyabhama means real light.  Rukmini is another light because she ran away with the Lord opposing her parents and brothers.  Gopikas are the divine lights.  They crossed all the bonds for the sake of Lord.  Radha became mad of the Lord.  She is the topmost light as the queen of the 15th uppermost world called ‘Goloka’.  There are six bonds representing the six whirlpools (chakras).  They are respectively the bonds with 1) Mother 2) Father 3) Husband or wife 4) Children 5) Fraud Gurus 6) Illusionary forms of the real God who is only one.   Out of these six bonds the central two bonds are very strong.  If these two are crossed they can cross all the chakras.  Gopikas danced with Lord Krishna leaving their husbands in the Brindavanam (Raasakeli).  They gave butter (their stored money) to Krishna without giving it even to their children.  Hence only Goloka in which Gopikas are living is bright with the real lights called Gopikas.  Radha is the headlight.  Hanuman is also equal to Radha.  He never did any work for himself.  He participated in the work of Lord only throughout his life.  Such sacrifice comes only due to madness on the Lord.  Radha exposed her madness.  Hanuman controlled the same madness because he has to do the service of the Lord.  Radha exposed whatever madness was hidden in the heart of Hanuman for the sake of the public to understand.   If Hanuman exhibits that madness, the work of the Lord is affected.   Hanuman and Radha are the two eyes of the Lord, which are the lights of all the lights because any light can be seen only with the eye.  Hanuman is a devotee of Rama who was born in the dynasty of Sun.  Radha is a devotee of Krishna who was born in the dynasty of Moon.  It is said that Sun and Moon are the two eyes of the Lord i.e., Hanuman and Radha are the two eyes of the Lord.  Krishna becomes happy with such real lights.


      Worship Satguru who is the incarnation of the God in the human form.  He comes down to light the ignorant people in this world.  You participate in His program of propagation of the light of knowledge.  You become his servants and spread his divine knowledge.  Then each human being becomes a light of knowledge.  All the darkness of ignorance will vanish.  This is the real Deepavali by which the Lord becomes immensely pleased with you. 


      Christians are also burning the candlelights on Christmas day in the same manner.  But what did Lord Jesus tell?  He told ‘I am the light’ i.e., God is Light.  Before that lights no other light can shine, because the Light of all these lights is God.  Veda says same thing “Tasya Bhasa”.  He also told ‘I am the path’.  The light means knowledge as per Gita and as per Veda also.  Therefore this means that the knowledge of Lord Jesus is the path.  The preaching of Lord Jesus i.e., the Holy Bible is the path.  The preaching of all the human incarnations of God like Gita, Bible and Kuran are the different lights and are one and the same i.e., the light only.  So all the Holy books of all the Religions are the lights and paths.  Since God is knowledge and God is truth, Knowledge is truth.  Veda says the same. ‘Satyam, Jnanam’.  Therefore participation of yourself in His divine program to propagate the Holy Bible is the real participation in the festival of candlelights.  God came down in human form as Jesus for this purpose.  Then only you have known the truth.  This is the meaning of Jesus telling ‘ I am the Truth’.  This means that Jesus who is the God in the human form is the real form of God.   Lord comes down in human form in every human generation.  He preaches the same that was preached by the past human incarnations.   Every human generation should participate in the program of the human form of God of that generation.  Every body should participate in the propagation on every day and so every day is ‘Deepavali’.  Every human incarnation is Lord Krishna.  Every ignorant person getting rid of ignorance i.e., darkness by the divine knowledge propagated by you is a real light of Deepavali.


      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami


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