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`a darn rant

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  • Michael Read
    so! there you are, buncha blithering idiots - that s you there, eh? a searching all pie-eyed for your sweet version of dee-vine re-ality where everything is
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2002
      so! there you are, buncha blithering idiots - that's you there, eh?
      a'searching all pie-eyed for your sweet version of dee-vine re-ality
      where everything is understood and makes cosmic damnital sense.

      an what do ya do?! ya let yer flippin' 'magination run away wit ya!
      that's wot! an there ya are off into all kinds of demeted reali-titties
      just a trying to suck up to some fancy assed concept of god an the
      freaking future of a mutated monkey species. what a hoot!

      what a sad and sorry sight! you just foolishly go on and on and on
      thinking up new shit to think up. but hey, who am i to talk?
      some damn fool that realizes this can't go on. well, it could, we humans
      can be so damn dumm. hey everybody! why don't we see how long
      we can milk the earth dry, murder each other, commit mayhem and
      just generally see how long it takes to really fuck things up?

      such irony...you seem to have to, i mean really have to get caught up
      in war and hatred and violence. and fer christ/allah/brahma/who the
      hell ever's sake just have to be right! what an absurd obsession!

      what pinheads. sigh...you just don't seem to get it, do you? there is no need
      to be killin' and slandering and subjegating and bee'n all 'round mean to
      each other. no need at'all.

      just a thought - anyhoo.

      This Rant sponsered by Damnital! The elixer of joy and abundant living.
      Why, Folks, one sip of Damnital and those unwonted urges to murder and
      mayhem simply fade away. Yes, one little sip and the ordinary becomes
      divine and the divine becomes rather mudane.

      Try the New and Improved Damnital* see the world of the super mundane.
      Don't let your heart stop beating until you've tried it.

      *New and Improved Damnitall is the same old Damnitall you may know and
      love - it just comes in the Jumbo Size! Enough for EveryBody !!!

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