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  • Delia Tofolean
    Hi, reading tarot cards: the present moment is ideal for a healing. The future will be uncertain. What are you doing? You are afraid of death. What you should
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 15, 2005
      reading tarot cards:
      the present moment is ideal for a healing. The future will be uncertain.
      What are you doing? You are afraid of death. What you should do: treat your child as a normal one.
      The Emerald Tablets of Thoth learn us:
      They that are guided go not astray,
      but they that are lost cannot find a straight path.
      You need a spiritual teacher...not exactly a guru but someone who is very near and you cannot or want not to see...
      Serenity+Harmony= Love+Light

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      To whom it may concern,

      My name is Adele, my daughter, Lauren,
      born on 11.01.05 (2.47am) was diagnosed with a rare
      defect of her abdominal aorta. Under where her
      ribcage meets, her aorta is really narrow for about 2cm
      (its diameter is only 1/2mm & at her age it should be
      5 to 6mm). The Doctors in Australia have never seen
      anything like it.

      Doctors in Australia diagnosed her at 6 weeks because her
      femoral pulses were not there. She had high blood pressure
      in her upper limbs, an enlarged left ventricle and fluid
      around her heart.

      Although Doctors told us she was basically in cardiac failure
      she displayed absolutely no symptoms and has always been a
      happy baby, healthy looking and developing normally.

      In March 2005, the Doctors inserted a balloon and stent into
      her aorta to widen it and it has been successful but it is
      only temporary until they figure out how they are going to
      solve this problem. Her h! eart function has gone back to
      normal and her blood pressure has come down slightly with
      medication but it is still high for her age.

      The Doctors have also told us that the composition of Lauren's
      aorta is abnormal (she does not have the distinct 3 layers that
      we do, hers are all blurred with some parts of her aorta strong
      and thick and other parts weak).

      In August 2005 the Doctors did tests and now they have
      discovered she has an aneurysm on her aorta where they ballooned
      it open and tissue growth in the same area, which is narrowing
      her aorta again. The area of the narrowing is close to her spine
      and also the supply of blood to her spinal cord, liver and spleen.
      The area also has organs and muscle etc on it.

      The doctors are not sure what to do now and are thinking about it
      whilst her heart function is still not compromised, her
      circulation is good and the aneurysm is of a size they are not
      too concerned about. So they feel they have time on their side.

      Eventually (probably at age 4) the doctors have told us that she
      will need to have open heart surgery as what they have done so
      far is only temporary.

      With that brief history, I was just wanting to know what I can
      do to help my daughter heal so she lives the long, healthy life
      I see her living?

      I have been doing a lot of visualisations and talking to her
      cells telling them they are safe and that it is safe for them
      to let go of the past and letting them soak up golden light and
      watching them regenerate into healthy, happy cells and showing
      them how I want them to be. But I am doubting myself and I am
      scared that I'm not doing enough for her and that it is all up
      to me.

      I have also been asking for help from Archangel Raphael to heal
      her wounds of the past and to heal her.

      What else can I do for her. I really feel in my heart that she
      is okay. I believe that a miracle is happening inside her. I
      understand that she is teaching the Doctors to think outside
      the square which will help others. She is such an amazing
      little girl.

      How else can I help her. Is me doing the visualisation enough
      or does it have to come from her.

      I look forward to your reply.

      With the warmest regards and many thanks,
      Adele :)


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