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Re: The Heart Connection

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Beautiful words, as always, Maria Luisa. Yes, thoughts give way to feelings of love rather than thoughts, as meditation becomes our natural way of being from
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2005
      Beautiful words, as always,
      Maria Luisa. Yes, thoughts
      give way to "feelings" of
      love rather than thoughts,
      as meditation becomes our
      natural way of being from
      moment to moment. As you
      have written -- when we
      realize that life is

      And as these feelings of love
      begin to flow and occupy our
      sense of being in place of
      the constant inner chatter,
      these feelings of love bring a
      "message", a wisdom whisper,
      from the heart that informs
      us in ways that are beyond
      what thoughts are capable
      of presenting. The wisdom
      whisper introduces us to
      a new love of a new depth;
      the love that takes your
      breath away with nearly
      overwhelming bliss, and
      gratitude and joy beyond
      words. This love is a love
      of perfect harmony; that
      is, we both feel it going
      outward and we receive it
      coming inward with complete
      trust and "knowing" that it
      comes from God, from Source,
      from our Higher Self.

      The image of a heart in the
      typical symbol of red, with
      another heart of gold within
      the red heart, at our very
      core stirs the imagination.
      This symbolic heart of love
      has a precious gold core,
      a pure center from which
      flows wisdom and universal
      knowledge; much like (actually
      precisely like) the experience
      mentioned in the third-eye
      meditation that Bob Rose

      It's all about love. And
      meditation can open a door
      to a love beyond anything
      we can think or imagine.

      A beautiful mantra for
      beginning meditators and
      seekers along the path is
      contained within so many
      songs and poems.

      The mantra:

      Bring me a higher love.

      Love, as always,


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "ser_el_ser"
      <ser_el_ser@y...> wrote:
      > Existence is love. Any thought procress just apparently obscures
      > Though, existence continues as the eternal presence of itself,
      from ever and
      > for ever.
      > Thoughts appear in this presence Existence is.
      > Attention directed to thoughts and trapped by them, makes it
      appear that what
      > is present is only the temporary, unaware of the Eternal and
      > Presence that always is, now and ever.
      > Meditation is the awareness of this Eternal Presence over or in
      > thoughts appear and disappear.
      > Meditation is love.
      > This is what we are.
      > Love is what we are.
      > Love is felt in the chest area of the body. We call it the Heart.
      > The body is a thought, a gross thought.
      > The thought process creates the idea of gross body, subtle body,
      lower body,
      > higher body, body-self, low=self, higher-self and so on. These are
      > thoughts, these are the creation, Creation, manifest existence,
      > items.
      > All of which is sustained on the Eternal Presence of Love. The
      One, All and
      > None Eternal Item.
      > Love, and be happy
      > Maria Luisa
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      > m...> wrote:
      > > It seems that even considering
      > > the practice of meditation -- any
      > > thought in the direction of an
      > > interest in learning more about
      > > meditation, begins with (or comes
      > > from) a stirring at our very core,
      > > our heart.
      > >
      > > While the longing for that
      > > "something" missing, or search
      > > for an inner peace of mind, or
      > > even the interest in the practical
      > > applications of meditation as
      > > a relaxation or stress management
      > > technique seems to be prompted
      > > by a "personal" and singular
      > > interest, something else seems
      > > to consistently happen to those
      > > who look to meditation.
      > >
      > > Even before sitting for their
      > > very first "formal" meditation,
      > > many people report that, in
      > > retrospect, they began to feel
      > > a certain softening and
      > > tenderness in their feelings
      > > for others, as they drew closer
      > > and closer to the practice of
      > > meditation. For others, those
      > > feelings were noticed soon after
      > > beginning a regular practice
      > > of meditation.
      > >
      > > It may be that meditation is
      > > itself a "loving" action, stirred
      > > by the heart, by the seat of love
      > > within us all. So, it may be
      > > the stirring of our inherent
      > > loving nature that "creates"
      > > the interest and the urge
      > > to learn more about meditation,
      > > and about what the poets and
      > > songwriters and teachers from
      > > all mystic traditions call
      > > "a higher love".
      > >
      > > From this perspective, it is
      > > the longing for heart connnection
      > > with all that is, a heart
      > > search, a heart opening that
      > > leads to an experience of
      > > new wisdom and understanding
      > > of nonduality, of the Oneness
      > > of all that is, within God
      > > (Love, Source, Spirit, Higher Self),
      > > that "calls" us to meditate.
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