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3rd Eye Meditation Technique

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  • medit8ionsociety
    One email that we often receive asks us for information about the 3rd eye. Here is the concept and technique that we share on our web site, Meditation Station
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005
      One email that we often receive asks
      us for information about the 3rd eye.
      Here is the concept and technique that we share
      on our web site, Meditation Station
      I hope it will beneficial to you. Enjoy!

      3rd Eye Technique

      Imagine what your life would have been like if you
      had kept your eyelids shut for your entire lifetime.
      Your eyes would have worked perfectly and yet your
      sense of vision would have gone to waste. Similarly,
      not using your 3rd eye is keeping you in the dark in
      relation to enjoying the wonders and wisdom of your
      sense of mystic sight.

      Every one of us had our 3rd eye fully open when we
      were babies. We were effortlessly able to witness
      the glory of the universe from its subatomic nature
      to its multi-galactic infiniteness. Through
      conditioning by our parents, teachers, and peers,
      we started a process of covering our 3rd eye with
      layer after layer of illusion. As an example, let's
      imagine that at one month of age we were laying in
      our crib looking at the paisley patterned dance of
      energy that life is. Our mommy stuck a stuffed doll
      in front of our face and said, "Look at the piggy,
      look at the piggy." We then started the process of
      recognizing that particular shape and associating it
      with the label "pig". We also might have been
      introduced to the concepts of color, texture, size,
      and other things. "Baby, look at how pink and fuzzy
      the nice little piggy doll is." And this began our
      habit of replacing direct perception of reality with
      a perceiving, labeling, reacting physically,
      emotionally, and mentally process. And we went further
      and further away from an unfiltered pure experience of
      living life as it takes place. As we aged, we also
      added a thought analyzing method of judging, comparing,
      and commenting on every thing our senses brought our
      attention to, and we got less and less in touch
      with Now.

      The result of this process is similar to putting
      shutters on a window. No light comes through and
      those within can only imagine what is on the other
      side of the shutters. Unfortunately, this really leaves
      us in the dark about what is real and what life is
      really about. Just as you can't adequately describe an
      orange to anyone who has never seen the color orange,
      or has not tasted one, you cannot understand what a
      3rd eye vision is like from reading about it, or
      hearing it described by someone who has them. You will
      have to experience it first hand. So, the experience
      of divine perception, astral sight, aura awareness,
      mystic vision, or whatever other esoteric label you
      put on it, will remain only a theory until a way is
      found to actually open the 3rd eye.

      Every time you sit in meditation and do the 3rd eye
      technique, you remove one of the shutters covering
      your inner window of wisdom. It is often compared to
      peeling away layers of skin from an onion. This
      continues until there is nothing left. And in this
      No-thing, there is everything. And we return to the
      pure direct perception of the glory and wonders of
      the universe we beheld as a baby. But now, we have
      the understanding that only comes with maturity.

      The 3rd Eye Meditation Technique
      To begin, place yourself in the place and position
      that you have found to be most advantageous to
      meditation. Relax your mind, body, and emotions.
      Command your mind to cease its chatter, your emotions
      to stay in a serene mode, and your body to not disturb
      your meditation in any way. Focus your attention to
      the sound and feeling of your breath coming in and
      going out. Return to your breath awareness if you
      witness that you have lost your focus. At no time
      during your meditation should you chastise yourself
      about anything. So, for example, if you lose your
      attention and then realize this, just accept it without
      commenting. Return your attention to your breath and
      then continue with your meditation.

      Close your eyes. Place your attention on the area
      between your eyebrows. After a short time, a point
      of light will present itself in the center of your
      inner field of vision. Keep your focus there. For
      some people, it will be beneficial to raise your
      eyeballs as if you were looking up at about a 25-degree
      angle. For others, just directing their attention
      upwards will be easier and less distracting. After
      some experimentation, go with one of the ways
      exclusively. In the beginning of 3rd eye practice,
      it may help to place your thumb at the outer edge of
      one eye and your middle finger on the outer edge of
      the other, while placing your index finger at the
      mid-point between your eyebrows. This gives you a
      point of focus to place your attention. It also
      allows you to prevent your eyelids from fluttering.
      This commonly occurs, and can be distracting until
      you get used to the sensations that accompany this

      Let the light come to you. Be available to be filled.
      The more you continue practicing this meditation, the
      more layers of the veil of illusion will peel away
      and Reality will reveal itself to you. As you perceive
      the Truth, your understanding of the delusional concept
      that you are apart from the rest of the universe will
      lose its grip on you, and the knowledge that you are a
      part of all and everything will become undeniably
      apparent. Your chattering mind will eventually dissolve
      in the unspeakable transcendent light of love that is
      now and forever within and without you.

      Once you stop being locked into viewing reality from
      just one perspective, you will start to be free from
      habitual reactivity. 3rd eye experiences put you in
      that position. You will recognize that nothing more
      than a show has been playing out before you in what
      you considered "real life". And, just like when you
      are at the theater, you may be interested to some
      degree with seeing how the plot turns out, but knowing
      that it is all just a story, you won't take it any more
      seriously than a show. The constant anxiety and fear
      that is attached to a singular ego centered view of
      life will end and be replaced with the bliss of
      effortlessly merging and identifying with all of

      Once a chick has pecked its way out of its shell,
      it knows that there is a lot more to life than was
      within its dark confines. Mother Nature, Grace,
      then gives the chick strong wings that let it fly
      to the heavens. The 3rd eye meditation technique has
      the potential to be the beak you use to break out of
      your shell, as well as the wings to transport you to
      the infinite, eternal, universal divine reality that
      is your birthright.
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