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Non-Linear Divinity

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    The biggest difficulty in experiencing Self is the mind, the ego, which is really the notion of causality. That which gives rise to science, which is a great
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2005
      The biggest difficulty in experiencing Self is the mind, the ego, which is really the notion of causality. That which gives rise to science, which is a great blessing to society, can then become a block. How to transcend causality? Focus more on the field instead of the content of the field.

      The human being is like a probe. It's non-linear. We sent a space probe into the linear domain. The human body is the probe from the non-linear into the linear. But we get lost in the experiment. We think we're that thing that walks around the surface of Mars.

      The infinite exists in physicality, but it is not limited to that.
      All things come into existence by virtue of potentiality becoming manifest through intentionality.

      Tape recorders have a monitor function that lets you hear what was just recorded a split second before. Experience is the tape monitor of reality, "hearing" what was just recorded a split second after it's recorded. All you can experience is the epiphenomenona of perception, with a 1/10,000th second delay.

      So long as you think all things come about because there's a this causing a that, then you think there's a separate "I" causing a this or that. We have a fixed concept that there's a separate "I" causing things, so we look for causality. Then the "cause" is made to blame. All things come about by virtue of the field.

      I like Wayne Dyer's book The Power of Intention, because of that title. That's true. All things arise from consciousness.

      Evolution is creation unfolding. If it didn't happen that way, it'd be all over before we got here.
      We give God good advice. Without our advice, God wouldn't know what to do. The God of traditional religion doesn't have to confronted as a reality. It's a legend from the past, from Genesis. We don't have to confront Him until judgment day. Religion becomes ecclesiastical dogma.

      The way to handle any problem in the world is to say, "So what?" And if you get something you think you want, you can say, "So what then?" Divinity is ever present.

      The void calibrates at 975. The choice seems to be nothingness or allness. You'll know the difference because if there isn't an exquisite love, then it's the void. This exquisitely gentle love is also rock solid.

      The entire universe is contained here. So in kinesiology we don't have to check what's out there; we can just ask what's here – because here is there.

      Divinity within is non-linear, radical subjectivity. It has nothing to do with the intellect. Above 499, Reality is subjectivity.
      The minute you call upon divinity, you summon forth that energy.
      People below 200 are not like you. That's a mistake many people make. They're 100% not like you.
      The distorted hermeneutics of relativistic epistomology [chuckled every time he used this expression] and the memes that come out of it… That's what seems to drive much of the world.

      If there's anything I'm hard on in this new book, it's ineptitude, an intolerance for ineptitude.


      1 Universality: Is true at all times, all places, independent of culture.

      2 Nonexclusionary: Truth is all-inclusive, nonsecretive, and nonsectarian.

      3 Availability: Is open to all, non-exclusive. Nothing hidden, no magical formulas or "mysteries."

      4 Integrity of purpose: There is nothing to gain or lose.

      5 Nonsectarian: Truth is not the exposition of limitation.

      6Independent of opinion: Truth is non-linear and not subject to the limitations of the intellect or form.

      7 Devoid of positionality: Truth is not "anti" anything. Falsehood and ignorance are not its enemies but merely represent its absence.

      8 No requirements or demands: There are no required memberships, dues, obligations, oaths, rules, or regulations.

      9 Noncontrolling: Spiritual purity has no interest in the personal lives of aspirants or in clothing, dress, style, sex lives, economics, family patterns, lifestyles, or dietary habits.

      10 Free of force or intimidation: There is no brainwashing, adulation of leaders, training rituals, indoctrination, or intrusions into private life.

      11 Nonbinding: There are no regulations, no oaths, no edicts, no contracts, no pledges.

      12 Freedom: Participants are free to come and go without coersion, intimidation, or consequences. There is no hiercharchy; instead there is a voluntary fulfillment of practical necessities and duties.

      13 Commonality: Recognition is a consequence of what one has become, rather than as a result of ascribed titles, adjectives, or trappings.
      Inspirational: Truth eschews glamorization

      14 Nonmaterialistic: Truth is devoid of neediness of worldly wealth, prestige, pomp, power, edifices.

      15 Self-fulfilling: Truth is already total and complete and has no need to proselytize, gain adherents, followers, or sign up members.

      16 Detachment: Truth has no involvement in world affairs.

      17 Benign: Truth is identifiable along a progressive gradient. It has no "opposite" and therefore no "enemies" to castigate or oppose.

      18 Nonintentional: Truth does not intevene or have an agenda to propose, inflict, or promulgate.

      19 Nondualistic: All transpires by virtue of intrinsic (karmic) propensity within the field by which potentiality manifests as actuality rather than by "cause" and effect.

      20 Tranquility and peace: There are no issues or partialities. There is no desire to change others or impose on society, The effect of higher engergies is innate.

      21 Equality: This is expressed in reverence of all of life and all its expressions. It merely avoids that which is deliterious to life, rather than opposes it.

      22 Nontemporality: Life is realized to be eternal and is not subject to death.

      23 Beyond proof: That which is provable is linear, limited, a product of intellectualization and mentation. Reality needs no agreement and is not an acquisition but instead is a purely spontaneous, subjective realization when the barriers are removed and the positionalities of the dualistic ego are surrendered.

      24 Mystical: The origination of truth is a spontaneous efflulgence, radiance, and illumination, which is the Revelation that replaces the illusion of a separate, individual self, ego, and its mentation.

      25 Ineffable: Not capable of definition. Radical subjectivity is experiential. It is a condition that replaces the former. With this event, context replaces content of temporality and beyond time. Reality does not exist in time, nor is of it, nor beyond it.

      26 Simplistic: One sees the intrinsic beauty of all that exists.

      27 Affirmative: Confirmation is purely by subjective awareness.

      28 Nonoperative: Truth does not do or cause anything. It is everything.
      Invitational: As opposed to promotional or persuasive.

      29 Nonpredictive: Because reality is nonlinear, it cannot be localized or encoded. No secrets, messages, codes, etc. Codes are indicative of man's imagination and not the capriciousness of Divinity.

      30 Nonsentimental: Emotionality is based on perception. Compassion results from a discernment of truth.

      31 Nonauthoritarian: No rules or dictates to be followed.

      32 Nonegoistic: Teachers are respected but reject personal adulation or specialness.

      33 Educational: Provides information in a variety of formats and ensures availability.

      34 Self-supporting: Neither mercenary nor materialistic. 

      35 Free-standing:  Complete without dependence on external or historical authorities.

      36 Natural: Devoid of induced, altered states of consciousness or manipulations of energies by artificial exercises, postures, breathing, or dietary rituals. No invoking of entitites or "others."

      Say "so" a lot. Somebody didn't like the lecture? So? Somebody got enlightended? So? You teach because of that which you are. It's independent of outcome.

      Truth is context, not content. You can only argue with content.
      50% of the information on the Internet is fallacious.

      If there's nothing you want, you're not seducable. That's how many gurus fell, by having something they want.

      Calibrations are not personal opinion. It's just research. We repeat this throughout the new book. We get letters and emails now, asking, "How can you calibrate walruses higher than seals?" And the book isn't even out yet.

      Vegetarianism calibrates at 205, so it's in integrity. So long as you believe you're killing something when you eat meat, then you shouldn't eat meat. Each life, each thing serves the life above it.

      Workshops often work because you actually do what you're learning; the value is not what you're taught, but rather that you do it. If you went to a workshop where all you did was say So what? to every thought and action, you'd rise right up the map.

      People ask, what can I do to advance my consciousness? The answer is, be that which you value.

      Anything that you can prove is already limited. How can you prove existence?
      Altered states are not the same as divine states.

      Consciousness creates neuronal activity, not the other way around. (A prominent scientist spent a lot of time and money on a theory calibrating at 170 that would "prove" that consciousness was a result of neuronal activity. He was unsuccessful years and millions of dollars later.)
      Invoking divinity automatically transforms brain physiology. Intention, commitment, is extremely powerful – power is invocation and transforms how you experience life. All that you learn is arranged within you according to your commitment. You transform your experience, your witnessing. You become your devotion to God. You reverence the divinity within you.

      What we calibrate in consciousness is the ego, limitation. Only the linear can be calibrated.
      Anytime you place your faith in the Highest, the Highest becomes available to you.
      If vegetarianism is an act of devotion to God, it calibrates differently than otherwise.

      The crown chakra is the last one correlated with physicality. Above the physical body, there are other chakras that are not correlated with the physical. The "third eye" is one of these. It has to do with discernment. It's a spiritual intuition.
      You don't have to be enlightened to inspire people by your energy of devotion to God.

      Q:  How can I know if I should continue to date a certain person?

      A:  We don't calibrate that kind of question; I don't want to rob you of the karma of dealing with it. Ask: To what degree does this fulfill what you value?

      Q: Does a parent have the right to be happy if their child is unhappy?

      A:  Of course. You can't rob them of their opportunity – if he keeps going where he's going, he's headed for disaster. You can't cushion the impact for them. You're holding it all up by not surrendering.

      Stress arises from resistance. The ego doesn't give it without a fight. Everyone in this room has heard everything they need for enlightenment, so what's holding up the party?
      Existence and non-existence are both illusions. The reality is neither one.

      On one level, nothing can be experienced without resistance. If you're moving with the ripple, you don't experience the ripple. You still have sensation, so what is it that senses? The linear is personal. You're not an it; you're the quality of consciousness itself. No matter what
      the content is, something else remains.

      The calibratable line between sin and non-sin is level 200. Below 200 is what we call sin. The Second Coming of Christ to me is the rise of human consciousness over 200, unnoticed by the world. If it had been noticed, it would have been resisted.

      You make what you do sacred by your intention. You can be a brick layer, and there's a difference between laying bricks to support your family and laying bricks for the glory of God.

      The enfolded becomes the unfolded – the Unmanifest becomes manifest through the power of intention. Without manifestation there would be no knowing.

      The ego's choices are always based on what it thinks will bring its happiness, though its capacity to choose is based on illusion. "So what" removes the base of illusion. Even if you get what you want, so what?

      Reality makes a lot of people nervous. Is it society's responsibility to make everyone feel comfortable? Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart, like it or not.

      At any time you can say, Dear God, I need your help, I'm lost. Are you willing to surrender your willfulness to God? 

      Dr David Hawkins map of Consciousness



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