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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Free introduction to anahata chakra meditation in NJ

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  • prakki surya
    friends There are 2 lines. One is line of science in which human effort gets results. The other line is Supernatural line in which powers are attained by
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      There are 2 lines. One is line of science in which human effort gets results. The other line is Supernatural line in which powers are attained by God’s grace only. Even demons did penance and got powers by the grace of God only. Now the middle age scholars mixed these 2 lines and developed 3rd line in between i.e., by human effort, you can get powers. People are fooled like this.

      By human effort, like controlling breath, you can get health only which is not a power and this is completely first line only. People are attracted like this in the name of Yoga. To get powers, Ravana should have joined Yoga centre. Why he did penance for God Brahma? Yoga means achievement of grace of God by which only powers are attained.

      Kundalini is your mind which is the base of your love and which is called as the serpent going with curves. Generally the mind of the people is curved by nature. Mind is energy and is propagated as waves according to science. These wheels are the family bonds and crossing them in a curved way is cheating those cheating bonds. This justifies that Maya can be crossed by Maya and a thorn can be taken out by another thorn. The first wheel represents earth, which is the bond with mother and is called as Mooladhara. Only from earth living beings like plants etc. (life) are born. The Kundalini sleeps in the Mooladhara wheel. This indicates your sleeping state of mind in the womb of your mother.

      The awakening of Kundalini means that you are delivered and came into world and you are trapped in bonds as your mind grows. So, there is no need of awakening the Kundalini, which was already in the awakened state. By closing your eyes, you are encouraging Kundalini (mind) to sleep. First you have to cut your bond/love with mother for the sake of God. The second wheel is ‘Manipura’ of water representing the father. The sky having clouds is said to be the father in Veda. When water falls from the sky and unites with earth, life is produced. The bond with the father should also be cut as Prahlada left his father for the sake of God. Now, you may argue that Veda says mother and father are God (Matru devaha, pitru devaha). These words have two meanings as per the grammar. The first meaning is that mother and father are God. This is correct because in the world among all the people, they should be very highly respected and loved. The second meaning for these words is that God is mother and father. This meaning should be taken, when God comes into your life and competes with mother and father. The third wheel is Swadhistana (fire) representing the bond between wife and husband. The union of a couple takes place only due to heat (fire). Buddha left his wife and Meera left her husband for the sake of God. The fourth wheel is Anahata, of air, representing the bond with children. Veda says air is the strongest. This wheel is placed in the heart, which means that this is the heart or the essence of all the bonds. Buddha left his one year old son for the sake of God. The fifth wheel is Visuddha of Akasha (space), which is in the throat, representing the bond with false gurus (preachers). A fraud guru preaches only nonsense, which represents nothing like space. To reach the God who is the Sadguru you must leave all the gurus. Prahlada left such teachers. The final wheel is Aajna, in between the two eyebrows, representing the ‘Jnananetra’ i.e., the sight of knowledge. This is of mind. With the help of knowledge that is Vedas and Sashtras, you must decide the real form of God as Lord Datta and all other forms are only his various dresses. Vedas say that Datta is only the ultimate and real God (Brahman). Veda says that God should be one and that one God creates, rules and destroys the universe. Datta is only one and does these three works through His three divine faces. But, such ultimate God cannot be reached because Vedas say that even words, mind, intelligence, logic and even imagination cannot touch him. But, He comes in the human form and then only you can see, touch, talk and even spend your whole life with Him. Such human form is called DATTA. Datta means the God who is given to devotees, you can meet Him in this world in human form only. Gita says that God comes in human form only (Manusheem……). Gita also says that if one worships formless, he or she gets sorrow only (Avyaktahi…). Gita also says that if you worship a statue, you are born as a stone (Bhutejyah….). A statue has only a limited use of being seen by devotees (Darsanam) and is not meant for worship. A human form only gives full satisfaction to devotees during worship.

      Yoga means joining the God after cutting all the family bonds through cheating to avoid hurting as explained above. The bonds can be cut only when a new bond with God is formed. Without the new bond, the old bond cannot be cut. First attachment to God (Bhakti) should come and detachment from the relatives (Vyragya) is a natural consequence for which no effort is needed. Once you taste the divine nectar, you will naturally stop drinking coffee. Without tasting the divine nectar it is impossible to leave coffee, because we desire always to drink something. So without Bhakti Vyragya is impossible and meaningless. It is meaningless because a stone having no bond at all is not salvated.

      Lord Datta who is called Yogi raja (Master of Yoga) can only bring out the real essence of Yoga and He has given the true explanation today to show the real path to ignorant people.

      The strength of this discourse is only Truth and hence it will pierce into the heart of anyone having open mind in this world. My aim of this discourse is all foreigners and those Indians who have open mind without blind conservatism.

      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami


      veena shenoy <rajeevi0416@...> wrote:
      Free introduction to anahata chakra meditation in NJ
      every sunday
      If interested please send me email
      Says Nithyananda Swamiji - "Any mantra becomes religious. Religion always brings conflict. My techniques are common to all, with no requirement to believe in any God, only openness of mind, to keep the Energy flow in a perfect way. In my techniques, the presence of God is not necessary, your presence is enough."

      This program referred to as the Ananda Spurana program (ASP) in India and Life Bliss Program (LBP) outside India, unleashes the latent inner potential of every Being and helps in taking the first step towards Bliss. Ananda means Bliss and Spurana means flowering. This program is about the flowering of Bliss within oneself.

      Why for me?
      According to Nithyananda Swamiji, every child born in this world is in a state of meditation. He says: "Meditation IS our true nature. As a child begins to grow, the purity of its Meditation is spoilt by the conditionings imposed on it - by the family, by the community, by the society, by religions, by the State and all such man-made institutions. As a result, a child that arrives in this world in a state of utter innocence, wonder, joy, ecstasy and celebration, turns into a miserable and wretched human being torn by divisions, tensions and turmoil.

      "There are seven chakras or energy centres in our body that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind and heart. When any one of them is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the associated part of the body gets dis-eased. This low energy can be felt much before it manifests itself in the physical body as a disease. Upon energizing the chakra again, the disease dissolves."

      Please visit www.dhyanapeetam.org for more info


      This is a program that is related to these seven chakras and their role in the human body. To keep each of them in an energized and healthy condition, a meditation technique for each is discussed and practiced.

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