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Self Attention Meditation

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    . After sitting (down) for (practising) self-attention , turning the attentive power on our existence-consciousenss , it is enough to make it stay there
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2005
      After sitting (down) for
      (practising) 'self-attention',
      turning the 'attentive power'
      on our
      'existence-consciousenss', it
      is enough to make it stay
      there only for 1-2 minutes.
      Then, when it (the attentive
      power), slips away from
      'self-attention', after
      staying for a while, after
      relaxing the 'effort' we can
      just be (without doing
      anything), (either with or
      without closing the eyes).
      Once again, after 1 minute,
      again we can give a 'turn' to
      the attentive power on
      Now, the mind will engage
      itself for 1-2 minutes in
      'self-attention', with a bit
      of enthusiasm.
      Then, stopping the 'effort'
      for 1 minute and relaxing,
      again focus on
      By the self-attention that is
      thus attempted after
      intervals, it becomes
      conducive for each effort to
      get freshness and a new

      by Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal disciple of Ramana Maharshi
      translated by R.K. Shankar


      ~om namo sri bhagavate ramayana~

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