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Re: [Meditation Society of America] logic and meditation

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  • Michael Read
    You are most welcome, Tony. You mention escaping. and I assume you mean the fear(s). I wish I could tell you that escape is possible...unfortunately, it isn t.
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 2, 2002
      You are most welcome, Tony. You mention escaping. and I assume you mean the fear(s). I wish I could tell you that escape is possible...unfortunately, it isn't. Delay, however, is the norm for us human beings. My sink full of dirty dishes is a prime example. I was going to do them when I got home but doggone-it-all I recieved a cut on my palm today and it needs to heal before doing the dishes. Gee - it is always something.

      The quote of Scott Morrison's that Judi posted. That is what happens. Now, trying to make it happen may not give the results one is looking for. And that is the delay, right there. It is almost built in. We have layered a set of great expectations onto the concept of awaking/enlightenment/understanding. We expect the Bliss, the Joy, the Light, the Holy Name of God, cosmic Awareness, Powers, infinite Love...and so on. Or, we may be desireing to somehow reconnect with the Divine.

      There is no use blaming anyone, or the circumstances of your life for having built up this huge barrier of expectations. The hurdle is there and something must be done about it. But what? Jump it and it another takes it's place. Go around and you still want to jump it. Knock it over and trample it to pieces and you just glue it back together again.
      The hurdle is only in the mind, it is illusion. So, let it go - let it be. Instead take a look at that thing which is creating the barrier. Turn from the hurdle and look at who is trying to jump over, go around.

      In my experience it IS scary when one does this. I read that Ramana felt fear before he let go. You see, finally, that the very hanging onto being you is the only barrier. You see, finally, that the illusion of this world extends even to oneself. Scary? You know it!

      To find a glimpse of how it all turns out read the Zen Ox-herding story. Here is a good rendition of the tale. http://www.mro.org/zmm/artgallery/oxherd.html

      When the revolution comes - it will be worth it. You will survive.

      ciao - michael
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] logic and meditation

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for such a brilliant answer. It really hit home for me. This was one
      of the fallacies I lived under - and I am not sure I have escaped it yet!

      I like your approach of meditating to see what happens - I look forward to
      meeting all my fallacies.


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      Hello Tony.

      Meditation fallacies? Hmm...sure to be someone who would object but the
      greatest fallacy is that meditation practice will ensure enlightenment.
      There are Zen teaching stories that illustrate this. And yet meditation is
      part and parcel of Zen teachings.

      If meditation practice will not guarantee enlightenment, why practice?
      Looked at this way there is nothing to be gained by meditation, eh? But,
      consider meditation as a looking within and we can begin to see that the who
      and what we think we are is not who we are. In other words, we can begin to
      see through the fallacies that we hold to be truths.

      All manner of things can occur during a meditation session. Joys, ecstacies,
      fears, emotions, visions, transports of all kinds. Meditation is a turning
      within, self examination as it were. It can be a fearless examination of the
      internal picture show where we throw can everything on the line or it can be
      just more distraction.

      When fear arises we may want to run from it and find the bliss. When we do
      the fear simply follows us. It waits, we think it is trying to trap us or
      bind us somehow. What it is really doing is trying to tell us to accept
      everything. We wil always be followed by our fears until we learn to turn
      and examine them, see through them, accept them let them dissolve.

      Well, I suppose I have wandered a bit from your origional suggestion. But, I
      think the best way to dissolve fallacies about meditation is to meditate and
      see what happens. :-)

      love and blessings - michael

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