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Re: [Meditation Society of America] SPECIALITY OF LORD DATTA & HIS BEST DEVOTEE

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  • prakki surya
    hello friends Generally we do some service to the Lord and expect something good in return from the Lord. This is the norm of the general worldly business.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 18, 2005

      hello friends

      Generally we do some service to the Lord and expect something good in return from the Lord.  This is the norm of the general worldly business.  The specialty of Lord Datta is that He announces His policy in the beginning itself.  His policy is one-way traffic.  You have to do service to Him but He will not do any thing good in return.  Thus the business completely disappears.  At this stage itself majority of the devotees drop out.  Some devotees come to Him prepared for doing the service without any good fruit in return.  After some time He opens His second policy.  This policy is two-way traffic but it is different from our two-way traffic.  He starts doing bad for our service.  As the devotees press His feet He will be beating them with His stick.  This is the true love. 

      The devotee must have the divine knowledge to understand Lord Datta.  By giving such troubles He is clearing all the sins.  In clearing the sins He pays ninety-nine percent and the doer must pay one percent according to the rule of minimum justice.  He appears to be giving troubles but actually He is clearing the sins.  Then why He is not opening this truth.  If the truth is not opened then only the true love exists.  In the true love, one loves in spite of troubles from the other side.  If the truth is opened this true love disappears.  We will realize that these troubles are for his benefit only.  Then we will tolerate the troubles from that angle.  In such case it cannot be true love.  Therefore Lord Datta maintains the secrecy. 

      After clearing the sins, He will give boons.  Without curing the fever, strong food should not be given.  If it is given the patient dies.  The demons were destroyed by such boons.  There are three types of devotees.  The low-level devotee asks for a boon like a demon.  He does not give any freedom to the Lord.  He decides that something is good for him and asks the Lord to give it.  The devotee acts like a master and is indirectly treating the Lord as his servant.  The Master asks the servant to do a particular thing without any comment.  The middle class devotees ask the Lord to do whatever is good for them.  They give some freedom to the Lord in deciding, which is good and which is bad for them.  Upto this point they give freedom to the Lord.  After this point the Lord has no freedom and He has to do good only.  Thus these devotees give 50 percent freedom to the Lord. 

      The best devotee gives 100 percent freedom to the Lord.  He asks the Lord to do whatever the Lord likes.  This devotee is prepared to receive the bad also if it can please the Lord.  His only aim is that the Lord should be pleased by doing whatever He likes.  This devotee feels that he is only an inert means for the play of the Lord by which the Lord is entertained.  A player beats the ball by foot and is entertained.  The devotee also likes to receive continuous sufferings, if such sufferings can entertain the Lord.  When Jesus was doing the last prayer, He tried to avoid the future agony of death.  For a moment He was vibrated with the forthcoming agony of crucification.  But immediately He regained His originality and ended the prayer by saying “Let Thy will will be done”.  He said finally that He is prepared to suffer if that is the will of the Lord.  This is the best devotion. 

      Lord Datta starts giving small troubles, which means that He is clearing the small sins.  If the devotee is firm in his faith, then Datta starts clearing big sins.  That means the small troubles will be slowly magnified into big troubles.  When He clears your pronote of Rs. 100/-, He pays ninety-nine rupees and you will have to pay Re. 1/-. Then He starts clearing your pronote of one thousand rupees and then you have to pay Rs.10/-.  You have to pay one percent of your sin according to the least expectation of the Justice.  In the first stage Lord Datta keeps silent without doing any good for your service.  This is the test of Brahma.  This is a sort of initial training for the further tests.  Then Datta starts troubling you for your service.  The clearance of small sins is the test of Vishnu.  In the third stage big sins are cleared and your troubles are intensified.  This is the third test of Rudra.  From one angle these are the tests to find out the strength of your faith and truthness in your love.  In another angle these tests are secret clearance of your sins and your purification to make you eligible for His grace.  Only the best devotee can stand before the special Lord Datta.  Datta is true God and His preachings are true.  The benefit you get also is true.  The real Sun can remove the real darkness by his real light and imaginary Sun cannot remove the real darkness. 

       You are spending lot of your time and energy in analyzing these worldly affairs.  You are egoistic and you think that you are intelligent to solve the worldly affairs.  By your intelligence and intensified analysis through long discussions, you will find that the worldly affair about which, you have taken so much care utterly flops at the end.  If you spend even one-tenth of that time and that energy in the service and devotion on Lord Datta, your worldly issue succeeds beyond your imagination.  In fact the servants of Lord Datta attend your worldly affairs.  These worldly matters are below His level.  His level of work starts when you go to the hell after the death.  He will speak to Lord of the hell not to enquire about you and close the file since you are in His service.  Thus you are blessed in this world and also in the upper world.  Your faith is not 100 percent. 

       To practice this if you are in His constant devotion all your duties will be also discharged by the power of Lord Datta in a fraction of second and in an excellent manner.  One can test this concept in the case of one worldly affair and see whether what I say is correct or not? 

       You can test this in one case and you will experience the truth of My preachings.

      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

      subhash naik <sbhshnaik@...> wrote:

      Author: Rama Devagupta

      This article was first published in the Religion Section of Tri-City Herald (the
      newspaper for Richland, Kennewick & Pasco, Washington State, USA) on
      January 22nd, 2000.

      Like most children her age, Shanta, my three-year-old daughter, has a
      fascination for beads. No matter what color, shape or size, she will play with
      them endlessly.

      One afternoon, as we were playing together, I asked Shanta to show me her
      favorite bead. "This one, and this one, this one, and this one," she replied,
      distinctly pointing at every single bead for what seemed like an eternity.

      However, a few seconds later, Shanta's attention was drawn toward the
      single stranded pearl necklace I was wearing. Losing her earlier interest in
      the scattered beads, she said: "But I like your necklace the best, Mommy."

      While I was fixing dinner later that evening, I remembered a shloka (stanza)
      from the Bhagavad Gita — a Hindu scripture — in which Lord Krishna gives a
      discourse to his beloved disciple, Arjuna:

      "Nothing is higher than I am, O Arjuna.
      All that exists is woven on me,
      Like a web of pearls on thread." (Bhagavad Gita 7.7)

      Musing over it's deeper meaning, I was reminded of yet another verse — this
      time from the New Testament — where Jesus chastises his disciples for
      keeping children away from Him. "Truly I tell you, unless you change and
      become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is to
      such as these that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs." — (Mathew 19:14)

      Gradually, a picture came to my mind, and I could envision God sitting like a
      small child in the midst of His creation — full of wonder and joy — marveling
      at its beauty and in total love with every entity. And then, in another image, I
      could visualize the different religions of the world as beads of different colors
      of light. Intuitively, I believed that God would want all His creation to be in
      harmony and in love with one another.

      "But given the divisive nature of religions, is it possible?" I wondered.

      Even Professor Hans Kung, a German expert on inter-religious dialogue, has
      said: "Until there is peace between religions, there can be no peace in the

      Once again, I thought about Shanta's fascination with the necklace and
      beads, recognized its hidden analogy with the shloka from the Bhagavad
      Gita, and realized that the necklace was made possible only because of the
      externally invisible thread.

      I pondered on the similar teachings of the various spiritual teachers:

      "There are these two gifts, the carnal and the spiritual. Of these two gifts, the
      spiritual is pre-eminent." — Buddha.
      "We deal not in the letter but in the Spirit. The letter of the Law leads to the
      death of the soul; the Spirit of God alone can give life to the soul." — Apostle
      "I go into the Muslim mosque, and the Jewish synagogue, and the Christian
      church; and I see one altar." — Jalaluddin Rumi (Islamic mystic).
      "Do not care for doctrines, do not care for dogmas or sects, or churches or
      temples; they count for little compared with the essence in each man." —
      Ramakrishna Paramahansa (Hindu mystic).
      "Where religion ends, spirituality begins." — Ram Chandra (Founder of Sahaj
      Regardless of what religion we are born into, we owe it to our children to
      consider the striking similarity between the original teachings of the founders
      of all faiths on concepts such as love, mercy, compassion, brotherhood and

      Because the teachings have become calcified into dogma with the passage of
      time, the sincere seeker has to dive deep into the myriad of religious
      teachings and rediscover its true essence.

      No matter what name or form we have for God, ultimately we all are
      worshipping that Supreme Spirit or the Divine Light that is present in every
      human heart.

      Let us recognize that spirituality is the divine thread that unifies the pearls of


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