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Re: [Meditation Society of America] SHOULD WE NOT ASK GOD FOR HELP?

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  • Rushikant Mehta
    How true Very true ! Very true ! One more view : If God exists, if He created this world & if He placed in it a poor thing, me, I must bow to Him. But will He
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 9, 2005
      How true

      Very true ! Very true !

      One more view :

      If God exists, if He created this world & if He placed
      in it a poor thing, me, I must bow to Him. But will He
      be pleased with me if I just bow to Him & go on being
      rouge & rascal & wicked with his other creations ?
      Obviously Not, you will agree. Probably the only way
      to please Him is that I be a good human, do not
      knowingly harm anybody, kill any being, steal
      anything, indulge in any kind of misconduct, speak
      lies to cheat someone, or get intoxicated (with fury,
      power, lust or simply alcohol !). And, then, by
      operation of Nature’s Law, I will get in return from
      others the same goodness. This way if I abide by this
      Law of His, I need not bother Him.

      And if He doesn't exist, who needs bother about Him ?


      --- prakki surya <dattapr2000@...> wrote:

      > dear Sadar & friends
      > People pray God for their selfish benefits and such
      > prayers are not real worhsip. If one loves God for
      > some need only, it is worst. Apply your logic to
      > your children also. You love your child without any
      > need. When you can do this for your momentary blood
      > bond of this birth, how much needless love you have
      > to pour down on God, who is related to you by your
      > permanent soul since millions of births!
      > If something goes wrong or if things are out of
      > control then we rush to lord and start prayers etc.
      > This devotion is like a prostitute loving her
      > customer. If one really loves Lord without any
      > desire, then only Lord will be pleased. When a
      > beggar approaches us, we generally offer him
      > whatever is least useful to us. But, when a relative
      > comes to our house, we provide him with good food,
      > facilities and even ask him to stay for some more
      > time. Why is the difference in our approach? Beggar
      > comes to us for what we give. He is not having any
      > love to us. Whereas a relative has not come for our
      > food and facilities, he has come to see us. This
      > shows the love.
      > So, our approach to Lord should be with love and
      > affection as relative but not like beggar, who
      > approaches us only for satisfying the desires. We
      > should not worship lord only to satisfy our desire.
      > Prayers by words, meditation by mind and
      > intelligence in spiritual discussions form a
      > preliminary level of worship. The devotee should
      > search for a Satguru or Lord in human form (like
      > Jesus, Krishna and Prophet Mohammed) to learn the
      > divine knowledge. After gaining the divine knowledge
      > from the Lord in human form, at His directive only
      > he should participate in His service in the mission.
      > His mission is to uplift the human beings by
      > preaching the divine knowledge. Service consists of
      > donating money and physically participating in His
      > mission of divine knowledge propagation. Such real
      > service is the only proof of our real love towards
      > Lord.
      > We are serving our family by spending hard earned
      > money for them and also serving physically. Where as
      > when we come to Lord, we express our love by
      > prayers, meditation and spiritual discussions only,
      > which are given freely by Lord to everybody.
      > Hence God is not even comparable to family members
      > but in prayers we project Him on top.
      > at the lotus feet of shri datta swami
      > surya
      > Sadar P <sadar_111@...> wrote:
      > Hellooooo all
      > This is in response to the letter "Should we not ask
      > God for help?".
      > God is the Supreme Power. He knows everything what
      > had happened or happening or going to happen. So
      > anything is going to happen for any individual in
      > any part of the world he knows it already. So why we
      > the little creature like us - human beings - should
      > ask him for help? No need to remind him as we remind
      > some thing to a Prime minister or any official
      > becaue they are all humans at last. But God is above
      > all of these.
      > Another thing if there is a God mentioned in all
      > religions why is he not bothering about the problems
      > human beings facing now? All of us have many
      > problems: humans are suffering a lot. Mentally,
      > physically, financially. Many die in Somalia due to
      > poverty. Many killed in Iraq, Afganistan, America
      > (World Trade Center). People are fighting for
      > religion, political issues, wealth. because they are
      > mentally very different. Why God doesnt make all the
      > mind little unified? It is very easy for him to do
      > this. takes a second only. How will he be so
      > merciful if the world is suffering a lot? Why people
      > should worship a lot using their lot of time if God
      > doesnt care all these things? Sure we got many
      > graces here in this world. but there surely many a
      > lot of sufferings and pain too in this world.
      > If this world is not for joy or only experiment is
      > it a good thing for a Supernatural God who is
      > merciful to make people suffer and getting pain then
      > he is experimenting his own very poor creature and
      > then give them Paradise or Another good life? that
      > is only human mind will do. Like teachers will
      > experiment or test their students. because teacher
      > is only a human. but God created them. He knows
      > everything from A to Z about them. Only He can
      > change them.
      > Then the question is: What is the need of experiment
      > for him? He knows already everything.
      > If he doesnt know about his creatures everything
      > then he is not the Super Power.
      > That means only the human mind - the brillian human
      > mind who realized the need of discipline and culture
      > for the human race in the olden age - created the
      > idea of religion and God. If God needs to make all
      > Hindus or Muslims or Christians He - as the
      > supernatural Power doesnt need to send many
      > Missionaries to change his own creature. HMMM He can
      > do it within seconds. He creates all He can change
      > all. Then He sending many among them to change them?
      > Is it logical?
      > So Religions are of importance only for the past for
      > that time. Now time has been changed. Now we the
      > human race , in this modern era, should understand
      > that all religions are CREATIONS OF HUMAN MINDS ONLY
      > and it's not the ultimate words and NOT ANY RELIGION
      > IS THE PERFECT ONE. we can accept or not any
      > religion according to person's choice.
      > If there is a God mentioned in religions why he is
      > trying to solve the doubts and confusions among the
      > humans due to different religions. Pls let all our
      > friends and brother think about this deeply. Let's
      > look forward for a new world filled with love and
      > peace. not the world full of confusion, hatred,
      > fight and war. We live only for 50 -60 years in this
      > world. Why we live in hatred? Let's live in peace.
      > It should be our new religion.
      > Love and Peace for all
      > Hope hear all of you regarding this topic.
      > Sadar
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    • prakki surya
      ... PRAVRUTTI (Path of Co-living): In this, people desire the welfare of their body and family. They love their bodies and their families only. Their real love
      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 10, 2005

            >I will get in return from
        >others the same goodness. This way if I abide by this
        >Law of His, I need not bother Him.
        >And if He doesn't exist, who needs bother about Him ?



        PRAVRUTTI (Path of Co-living):

        In this, people desire the welfare of their body and family. They love their bodies and their families only. Their real love is not on the God but only on their body and family. When that welfare is disturbed and when it is not possible to rectify it by worldly means, then only they look at God. When you get fever and it is not subsided by the medicines you used, then you are approaching a doctor. Thus God is only an instrument to achieve the welfare of their body and family. They pretend real love on God, which is not real. When you go to the doctor you respect him too much. That respect is not real. That respect is only apparent and the aim of that respect is only that he will cure carefully your disease. These people do not bother about tomorrow.

        They don’t bother about the hell after death and about the next birth. Their aim is only the temporary happiness confined to this birth only. They worship God for this purpose, which is not true love at all. God also acts accordingly. He postpones all your bad results to the next births like pro-notes with increased interest. He brings the good results from future births with reduced values like the pre-matured deposits.

        The Lord will not save these people in the hell. They will go to the heaven and when the results of their good deeds are finished, they are thrown back to the earth. In the future births, which are full of difficulties only, these people weep scolding the Lord. But the Lord keeps silent, because He acted according to their prayers only in the previous birth. In this field one can worship the Lord with single face, who is Vishnu, the embodiment of Sattvam quality.

        With this quality God will help you when you worship. But this quality always requires justice and logic. Therefore, within the rules of the cycle of justice God helps you. He will never harm you for your worship. In this field God in human form is not necessary. God will protect the justice by His power. In this field the aim of the people is not God. Their aim is only protection of justice and their families. Lord Krishna did not fight directly in the war because in this field His power is sufficient to protect the justice. Arjuna was charged with His power and Arjuna fought with the enemies. In this field the devotees can worship formless God or statues and can get apparent and temporary protection in this world.  

        at the lotus feet of shri datta swami


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