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The Extraordinary Way

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  • Jeff Belyea
    No subject no object What does that mean? No I a nothingness Emptiness nonduality? Of course there is subject and object. You are not a flower, or a peanut
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2005
      No subject no object
      What does that mean?
      No "I" a nothingness
      Emptiness nonduality?

      Of course there is
      subject and object.
      You are not a flower,
      or a peanut butter cup.

      Tell nothingness to
      your bee sting, no "I'
      to the bill collector.
      So, what does it mean?

      There is a "place", a
      level of consciousness,
      where the living reality
      of no "I" makes sense.

      It is not the ordinary
      way of being, it is
      extraordinary, and all
      description falls short.

      But there are parallels
      in the ordinary being,
      enough to "peek" in on
      this extraordinary way.

      Have you ever been so
      absorbed in an activity
      that a startling amount
      of time passed unnoticed.

      Oh, my God! It's 10:00.
      This absorption, a good
      word, for illustration,
      was a peek into Oneness.

      You became the activity.
      What you were doing drew
      you into the extraordinary
      way of being - absorbed.

      Have you ever been writing,
      or drawing, or playing
      ball, when you suddenly
      felt a smooth grace come on.

      The words wrote themselves,
      the drawing developed without
      conscious thought, the ball
      sailed as if in slow motion.

      No subject, no object.
      "You" were lost in the
      flow. The activity became
      effortless and absorbing.

      Meditation trains the
      mind to step into this
      flow, this absorption,
      while retaining alertness.

      The "meditation" may be
      a formal sitting technique
      or it may be an informal
      settling of the mind.

      Can you imagine sustaining
      this experience of life in
      the flow of everyday activity?
      It is incredibly freeing.

      Deep meditation, in the
      right circumstance, with
      the right predisposition
      of mind, can flip the switch.

      Some people can settle
      into meditation easily,
      and others find a teacher,
      a guide to point the way.

      Some take years to free
      themselves from emotional
      baggage, and others trip
      over a toy and go into it.

      The emotional investment
      previously made now pays
      dividends that allow you
      to live freely and joyfully.

      The "I" is now relegated
      to a secondary reality, an
      unimportant persona, a mask,
      a uniform to fit invisibility.

      You have entered the flow.
      You now know that you are
      part of all that is happening,
      not a separate object in space.

      Time, space, fear, doubt
      are all the domain of the
      secondary reality, and you
      have "risen" above it all.

      You have moved into full-
      throttle spontaneity. Life
      presents itself, solutions
      present themselves. And you...

      Row, row, row your boat
      Gently down the stream
      Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
      Life is but a dream

      Enlightenment is like that.

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