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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Meditation and blood pressure

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  • Rushikant Mehta
    Indeed Great! Wonderful Tony ! The most interesting part seems u r probably in the process of developing your own process ! Sound, the ear-sense-object as a
    Message 1 of 16 , Jul 15, 2005
      Indeed Great! Wonderful Tony ! The most interesting part seems u r probably in the process of developing your own process !
      Sound, the ear-sense-object as a meditation tool though less widely known in practice, seems to be facinating! Since the factory inside the body is working 24x7, inner sounds are always available for attention, right ?
      U r right, u very nearly missed a jumping board in that frightful moment. But no need to doubt it will return. It may be wiser to just leave it to Nature without craving for it. 
      Isn't it  like a voyage in the skies with no fixed roads, no road-signs, no landmarks ? It has its own challenges & thrills ! Bravo ! few attempt that. Wish u success, self-earned & well deserved. Hope u overcome trying moments determinedly, patiently & persistently.
      We, in vipassana, use the touch sense, touch the whole body surface with the mind & observe the sensations it creates & learn to observe them objectively. It does two things. keeps the mind in present, penetrates the subconscious & does the cleaning job ! But we fortunately have a very well defined route, cheking signals, motivating colleagues, supportive environment & senior counsellers  to keep us on tract !
      Well, all the best, all the time, with all that  sounds mysterious !



      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:
      Hi Rushikant,

      The technique I use is mostly self-taught. I picked up the method of using
      earplugs from a book or some internet material. I had such good results I
      never seriously considered changing.

      Most of what I have developed has come from my own experience. I
      experimented quite a bit, but simply tried to understand what was happening
      and also tried to find a slightly better way.

      I have been limited a bit by fear of the unknown. There are times when
      things have happened and I have had to rush out of my session out of fear.

      For example, in one session I heard a faint distant bell like sound that
      gradually got louder and louder. It got so loud I felt like something inside
      my head was going to explode so I quickly broke off the session. I have
      since regretted that action as I feel that I was going through some form of
      transformation that I have never been able to recreate.

      Also my sessions now are no where near as blissful as they were some years
      ago. I sort of miss that period as it was almost like getting naturally high
      each time I meditated.

      Some other pointers? I strike a bell three times before I start my session
      and I use the fading reverberation as a sort of calibrating device that
      helps me tune into the inner sounds.

      Please let me know if you want more.


      Message: 4        
         Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 04:31:05 +0100 (BST)
         From: Rushikant Mehta <rushi_kant@...>
      Subject: Re: Meditation and blood pressure

      Sure, Tony, from where did u learn it ? who r others doing it ? Is there a
      guide too ? plz give out more. It's interesting.


      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:
      Hello Rushikant,

      It is my pleasure to describe my meditation practice.

      I practice inner sounds meditation. I use ear plugs to eliminate most
      external sounds. I close my eyes. In a relaxed position, I allow my thoughts
      to gently subside; this typically follows my physical relaxation.

      As I relax and my mental chatter subsides, I become increasingly aware of my
      inner sounds. It starts like the white noise you get when a TV is not tuned
      to any channel. Eventually you notice distinct sounds within the general
      background sounds. If you pay very subtle attention to the most subtle of
      these distinct sounds you are gently pulled into deeper levels of
      meditation. At a certain point you get flushes of endorphins - very
      pleasurable but essentially a distraction. Further still you reach very
      peaceful states of nothingness where all time and meaning appear to cease.
      At this stage there is almost no desire - to continue meditation or to stop,
      even to breath.

      This is as far as I have gone.

      The hardest part is to quiet the mind chatter. The next challenge is to
      latch onto an inner sound. If you focus too strongly the sound disappears
      and you are left empty. If you focus too lightly, the sound passes you by
      and you are again left empty. If you get the focus just right, you are
      pulled to a deeper level of meditation - almost like a traveler on a journey
      reaches a new land.

      At different points I sometimes get insights. I try not to focus on them
      since they can pull you back into thought.

      I hope this gives you a good picture of my practice. Please let me know if
      you want more.


      May All Beings be Happy, be Peaceful, be Liberated from Misery.

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    • Diana Woods
      Hi Tony, Yes, the book affected me deeply as I edited it and as I continue reading it...but then...I chose this writer to give my time and attention to because
      Message 2 of 16 , Jul 20, 2005
        Hi Tony,
        Yes, the book affected me deeply as I edited it and as I continue reading it...but then...I chose this writer to give my time and attention to because I want to be engaged with his message. What better way for me to learn from wisdom than to interact with it...  I was careful, recognizing the possibility of my leaving an imprint on another's words (when I work with students I don't feel that way but working with a spiritual writing made me careful not to inject myself into the writing).  
        The edited book is a message about the illusion we call reality, about understanding the difference between our Selves and the stories we tell, about increasing awareness, and about practices to lead to peace and authentic power (and what it really is). Jonathan's upcoming book is called The Seven Empowerments and will be complete next year. This new condensed version is a great first step. Jonathan has been in a meditation retreat for the past week but when he returns home I will work with him on getting the condensed version available to the public. You can access his blog at http://www.feal.org/blog2/ Let me know what you think...
        For my meditation book, I am still looking for personal answers to the questions "Where Do You Meditate?" (like "I have a meditation room in the basement of my house" or "I meditate in my garden sitting next to the lilies" or "I have designated a corner of my bedroom as my space for meditation and I have a Buddha and several candles and chimes there"). And answers to the question "When Do You Meditate?" (like "first thing in the morning when I wake up and before I turn on the news" or "just before I go to sleep at night so I can slip into a peaceful sleep" or "I take a break in the middle of the day and step into the silence of the empty sanctuary next door to my office" (which is what I really do). I want real answers from real people to give an honest picture of the many times and places we step into this sacred space.
        Thanks for asking...
        I wish you blessings on your day.

        Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:

        Hi Diana,

        Thanks for such a wonderful reply - it was definitely worth the wait.

        The book you edited sounds fascinating. Could you give us a little summary
        of the key message? Did you feel yourself change in any way as you edited
        the book?

        Your out of body experience also sounds fascinating. I had a few
        experiences. What I discovered was that my mind is sufficiently
        sophisticated to create the "appearance" of an out of body experience to the
        extent that I cannot quite tell the difference. In my case tiny details told
        me my experience was my creation rather than "reality". However, the
        experience helped me appreciate that even what we call "reality" is also our
        creation to a large extent - depending on how "conscious" you are. This
        might sound weird but what I am writing right now might actually be you
        writing yourself!

        Anyway - back to another reality.

        Your new book manuscript sounds interesting. Can we help you in any way?
        (Does that statement sound familiar?)

        Look forward to your reply...Tony

        Message: 1        
           Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:58:46 -0700 (PDT)
           From: Diana Woods <spirit_first_org@...>
        Subject: Re: Meditation and blood pressure

        Hi Tony.

        Please forgive my delayed reply. I spent the past week editing a brand-new
        book (a condensed version of the full book coming out next year) called An
        Essential Guide to Peace and Authentic Power, a beautiful book by Jonathan
        Evatt, a young new writer from New Zealand. I am honored to have been part
        of such a lovely creation.

        The intensive meditation retreat that lead to such dramatic health results
        was a nine-day Avatar program with Star's Edge International. For me it was
        a nine-day retreat in the wilderness in the foothills of the Blue Ridge
        Mountains; I was the only student during that time and I had two masters
        training me. I believe the relevant factor was that I spent most of ten
        hours a day working on expanding consciousness (the doctrine or style of the
        program not being the key element). I spent almost all of my waking hours in
        some form of meditation or attempted meditation (which is in itself a
        meditation). On the last day of the program I experienced my first of what I
        believe I can call an "out of body" experience (though not truly out of body
        because while I was beyond my body, I was also within my body).

        After the nine-day course I discovered my severe lactose intolerance was
        gone (which was not even explored during that time).

        I am now developing a book manuscript called What Do You Do When You
        Meditate? that presents real-life personal stories of meditation experience.

        Thank you for your continued conversation in these pages...


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