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  • Tony Osime
    Hello Rushikant, Thank you so much for this wisdom. I sense great potential for equanimity. What I find interesting is separating the enjoyment of pleasure
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2005
      Hello Rushikant,

      Thank you so much for this wisdom. I sense great potential for equanimity.
      What I find interesting is separating the enjoyment of pleasure with the
      creation of a craving for more of that pleasure. I find this fascinating. I
      had not considered pleasure on these two levels. I will explore this
      further. Likewise for pain; bear the pain but do not hate it or fear its

      I feel your response was neither too long nor insufficient in that I have
      learned something very useful. Please could you go further? I am sure others
      won't mind. Could you tell us more about your personal experience with

      Look forward to your response...Tony

      Message: 4
      Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 11:23:43 +0100 (BST)
      From: Rushikant Mehta <rushi_kant@...>
      Subject: Re: Meditation and blood pressure

      Partly yes, Tony, that's what happens when the mind is restful. But there r
      two ways of reaching it. One can 'still' the mind with different meditation
      efforts, & taste the visiting positivities. But that's (alas !) temperory. A
      better way is to empty the mind of the major stuff (that normally with
      everybody, is of negativities), & the fun is, as much emptying takes place
      so much filling with positivities simultaneously sets in, by application of
      a rule of nature that mind cannot remain empty & there r only two kinds of
      stuff available, negative & positive; one discarded, other gets in !

      How one does it ? very simple.
      Be conscious of this trap : mind enjoys pleasures , nothing wrong but it
      craves for more of it & then triggers efforts to that end. This process
      inescapably agitates it. Agitation is hell ! Similarly it detastes pain,
      ok,agreeable, but it hates it,rejects it & tries everything to remove it.
      This again only agitates it further ! So the trick is, enjoy the pleasures
      but take care not to crave for their recurrance; bear the pain, try not to
      hate & reject it or fear its recurrance. This is equanimity , the art of
      balancing that prevents mind from constantly agitating either for pleasure
      or for pain-relief. Agitation is food of mind. if u starve it , it consumes
      memories of past pains & pleasures,( like a fasting body consuming itself,
      its stored fat), but again if u remain balanced, refusing to react by
      craving or aversion, the stock starts getting depleted & mind changing its
      habit of generating new agitations ! This is permanent cure ! Emptying the
      mind ! This, one can do by sitting
      everyday alone for sometime, doing nothing but observing this mental
      process. If one wants help doing it systematically, one can look to some
      meditation technic like 'vipassana' (www.dhamma.org).
      But did u notice one thing that most of the dreaded diseases, including BP,
      owe their origin to overstuffing of the belly or the mind ? Now u know the
      way to the cure !

      Plz forgive for the length & yet the insufficiency of this monologue ! May u
      find yr mind !


      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:
      Hello Rushikant,

      Thanks again for your response. I happened to read it again as it came
      up on my office PC and I noticed something very profound that I had

      You said that meditation helps the mind by "...allowing the Nature to
      fill it with profound positivities."

      Could you go further on this aspect. I understand how stilling the mind
      can bring about peace. How does "Nature" fill our still minds with
      profound positivities?

      I have noticed that when I do still my mind, I sometimes get very
      positive thoughts, some of which are profound. For example this morning
      during meditation, I appreciated a kind of happiness that comes from
      making others happy. It is as if you transfer your happiness to others
      and it is reflected back to you. This helps you appreciate that really
      you are not separate beings.

      Is this the sort of thing you were referring to?

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