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Re: [Spiritual Network] Correlating Astrong and Theory of Karma

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  • prakki surya
    Dear friends Astrologers say that you are getting troubles due to the movement of the planets. This means that you are getting the trouble not due to your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2005

      Dear friends


      Astrologers say that you are getting troubles due to the movement of the planets.  This means that you are getting the trouble not due to your previous sins.  Therefore you feel that you are unnecessarily getting troubles, even though you have not done any sin.  Astrologers say that a police arrests you because you are going on a road and accidentally the police is also walking on the same road.  You are very anxious to get rid of these troubles because these are unnecessary punishments for you.  The astrologers exploit your anxiety by suggesting some remedies.  The word Graha (planet) means that system which gives the exact result for your exact deed in exact time.


       The planets are just the computers.  They are inert and are not independent.  Only Swami can change the decisions.  Therefore there is no use of worshipping the planets.  One has to receive the fruits of the deeds whether good or bad (Naabhuktam Ksheeyate Karma).  There is only one way to escape the fruits of the deeds.  The Lord comes down in human form and undergoes the punishments for your sake and saves you.  At the same time He will protect the prestige of God of Justice and the theory of Karma.  This is the main reason for His human incarnation. 


      He will never cancel the fruits of deeds.  He will sacrifice Himself  and protects you.  When you cannot pay the fine, your father pays it.  You must become eligible for such grace of the Lord.  The eligibility is achieved by you when you do not aspire to get rid of the fruits of your deeds and prepare to undergo the punishments of all your sins.  You should never think that the Lord should sacrifice for your sake. 


      turboatan <swiftyatan@...> wrote:

      The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius, and this sign rules freedom.
      There is
      going to be much rebellion when people wake up and realize they have been
      treated like slaves. Uranus is the wake up planet. It says "wake up -
      wake up -
      it's time to wake up." If you don't wake up you will be shaken awake.
      rules lightening and sudden events geared to wake up people. Uranus
      also rules
      the ankles and is in the sign of Pisces, which rules the feet.

      im blessed we have had 1 storm not so long ago like 4 or so days ago
      and now we are in for one tomorrow if is that is true we are the only
      place i wish i could get the picture but a lighting bolt hit the
      cherbourg to poole ferry and it was on the national news and our daily
      echo the lighting was like blue in some redish in other areas etc but
      the ferry seemed to get hit and on the water was colours of the
      spectrum and that was on national news and a nother thing other places
      have had flash floods and tornados well about 70-150 miles away.

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