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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Thank you for the warm welcome! > Bob

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  • bhalla sandeep
    hi christy, this is sandeep here.. i read your mail and was tempted to write a few words for general benefit.. dont make a goal to be achieved over the next
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 14, 2005
      hi christy, this is sandeep here.. i read your mail and was tempted to write a few words for general benefit.. dont make a goal to be achieved over the next one month... the time that you are looking for in the future.. even if its a minuite away, will never come.. its right now or never.. there is actually no going or coming.. there is actually no journey involved at all.. just be fully aware in the present moment.. and you realise that your very existence, the mere awareness of it in the present moment is the highest form of meditation.. there is no gain that lies in any future moment.. the only thing that matters is that you got to loose all right now, act dead,, i repeat.. act dead right now and there it is.. in loosing all you gain all.. loose your mind and intellect.. the mental conversation.. loose your heart, the feelings .. and loose the passions running in the body... i by no means say that you fight with them, your mind is meant to think.. so let it continue to think, but you dont think.. your heart is meant to feel, so let it feel, but you dont feel, your body is meant to go through passions, let it continue in the most natural manner, but you dont get involved, be fully aware of everything in each moment and dont search for any problems or solutions... will continue later... am in the army with a very busy schedule but could not resist commenting ... got to move on now ... no regrets... even the days job must flow on in the most natural way.. i dont need to fight with myself... will talk in greater detail later and if in case you already got what i say then there is no requirement of any further interaction... god bless you... enjoy the creation and stay beyond... love.. sandeep

      Christy Putnam <personal_balance@...> wrote:
      Hi Bob!

      I so appreciate your warm welcome and words of encouragement in finding what
      I need/seek in this group.  I have to say I agree with both sides of what
      you say (it's the Libra in me I guess...lol).  Technically we are One and
      can't be "bettered" in Truth, though we as humans are both Spiritual and
      Physical therefore live in Illusion/Duality.  The Spiritual side of us
      *knows* the truth about us being One and Whole while the Physical/Human side
      is constantly questioning the illusions and needs to find those answers.  I
      think meditation is key to finding those answers within ourselves from our
      Spiritual side.  It is interesting to me that people continually say "I
      don't know" when in Truth, if they just ask the question of themselves and
      take the time to wait for the answer, it will be right there.  Even more
      interestingly, I find myself saying the same phrase knowing full well, I
      should be saying something to the effect of, "let me get back to you on
      that, I don't have that answer right now."  Part of why I have started using
      that phrase again is that I have fallen out of the habit of meditating.
      With being a mom to a 5 month old and a 10 year old it is easy to get caught
      up in their lives and ignore my own.  My goal in the next month is to make
      sure to take some time for meditation as well as other activities for
      myself, in search for that balance of self and family.  Of course any
      suggestions on how to accomplish this goal (from anyone in the group) is
      welcomed!  Please feel free to add me to your yahoo messenger...my screen
      name is personal_balance

      Christy Putnam

      "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
      Live the life you have always imagined."
      - Henry David Thoreau

      Yo Christy,
      Welcome! I hope that the experiences you have here
      from reading and posting communications that are
      intended to evolve consciousness will be enjoyable
      as well as beneficial to your stated aims of bettering
      yourself and the world around you. I applaud these aims.
      It has been said sarcastically and with a snear by some
      Non-dualists that to aim to have a better Self is somewhat
      of a "wrong" and a "lower" ambition. But I feel that this
      is just an example of spiritual snobbery and is stated
      to show off that the person stating it has "got IT", and
      realizes that the Self is One and can't be bettered, or
      some similar Advaita-speak cliche. The other biggest snobby
      similar statement is that there in nothing you can "do" to
      attain enlightenment/realization/etc and therefore meditation,
      or other "seeker" activities, like reading spiritual books
      or going to see a guru for guidance are a waste of time.
      At times you will probably see these type statements here.
      I find conclusions to be worthwhile only as things to meditate
      about, and have found in experiential fact that the very best
      thing you can "do" for you life is to meditate, and not just
      to talk about whether it is valuable or if it is a waste
      of time, or other similar adjectives and adverbs. All words
      are just pointers, but those that point to Self inquiry are
      the most valuable ones of all. I am confident that there will
      be plenty of opportunity to find those type here. Thanks for
      adding your obviously good intentioned energy here.
      Peace and blessings,

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