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Re: [Meditation Society of America] HELL, HEAVEN AND KINGDOM OF LORD

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  • Silent Thunder
    Dear friends, It is not to offend anyone s feelings or views, but simply to share what I feel. Most of us are influenced by what we are told from our
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2005
      Dear friends,
      It is not to offend anyone's feelings or views, but simply to share what I feel.
      Most of us are influenced by what we are told from our childhood. Our minds are conditioned and we do not question what we are told. Questioning doesn't necessarily have to be arguing with your parents or teachers. It can simply be contemplation in our own mind.
      But, even if we do contemplate, we do so from our own egoistic points of view. We fail to create an open and receptive mind for thought.
      I can see that theories of mathematics and modern science hold provide proof of probability of existence of super worlds, but if we begin to think a little about how men lived in the distant and near past, what teachings were given by the great spiritual leaders, we would be convinced enough of the absolute truth. I say this because I have realized many truths through contemplation.
      For example, there are aspects which suggest that even theft is not a sin. Nothing belongs to any of us as our friend has told us. We brought nothing when we came here. We take control of things, call them our own and we suffer when they are taken from us. But others are not to blame for our suffering. It is our own attachment to desire that makes our suffer.
      But I am not asking you to become a thief. If you steal, you do so because you are attached, misguided and will suffer. You will be taken farther from the ultimate truth, which you must realize for yourself. As a suggestion, I recommend a book called 'The Four Noble Truths' by Ajahn Sumedho. It is an ebook which offers detailed information about the quintessential teaching of The Buddha. It can be found in the download section of www.buddhanet.net
      Please do not disregard my claim. Please give it a thought even if it offends your views. I beg you all to meditate on what I have said. I only want to help you, not to spread some kind of religious doctrine.
      May peace be with you,
      A Monk

      prakki surya <dattapr2000@...> wrote:

      dear friends


      i want to share with you all a piece of spiritual knowledge on above topic.





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      This universe is infinite. I am unable to show the existence of these super worlds to you. I accept my incapability. But you are also incapable to prove directly the non-existence of these super worlds. Have you taken all over the universe and said, " Here ends the universe. Beyond this point there is no universe. This is the compound wall of the space. Your super world does not exist anywhere’’. Therefore, there is equal chance for the existence and non-existence of the super worlds according to the theory of probability.


      Now let us analyse of our cases. Both of us are eating to live. The basic needs are satisfied in the cases of both of us. You have spent extra time also in earning more money, which may give you some problems of health like sugar, B.P etc., due to over enjoying. I have not earned more money and I am healthy due to normal food. None of us will carry the money with us after death. The money given to the children may also be lost in several ways. Therefore, I do not find much difference between us, once the basic needs are satisfied. I am poor because I have spent my extra time in the service of God.


      Suppose after my death, you are correct and there are no super worlds. In such case what I have lost? There is no loss for me. But after your death, suppose I am correct and there are super worlds. You have lost every thing and God will not save you. Thus, even on accepting your argument, based on the equal probability, it is better to serve the Lord by sacrificing the extra time and energy for the Lord after earning the basic needs. You must read the theory of probability, which is perfectly a scientific theory.

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