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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Weekly Words of Wisdom by Swami Satchidananda

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  • de la rouviere
    Dear Rushikant, Thanks for this very perceptive post. ... sinking it in the subconscious, not getting rid of it. Next time it ll erupt with greater force !
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2005
      Dear Rushikant,
      Thanks for this very perceptive post. 
      You said:
      >>Even if I can  supress my anger, I'm just
      sinking it in the subconscious, not getting rid of it. Next time
      it'll erupt with greater force ! Same is true for all defilements of
      the mind, like hatred, jealosy, cravings, lust,illwill, animosity
      etc. It's at this level that help is needed. Unless I can do that, 
      I cannot be that 'good' that swamiji implies. But unless there is a
      way, a  tested scientific way, I'll keep groaping in the dark. All
      available methods of Yoga, worships, prayers, meditation &
      philosophy of different religions deal only with the body or the
      surface mind & can't uproot deep defilements of the mind. Don't u
      think so ?
      You have touched here on a matter I have also given considerable investigation to.  How to get rid/neutralize/transcend deeply rooted shadow material in our psychological being?  In fact this exactly the problem i see with Vipassana meditation where considerable emphasis is on disciplining the thought-stream and working with emotional issues in a rather crude way through a process of desensitisation.  Thinking all kinds of horrible thoughts in order to desensitize the mind to its own horrible projections.  But given that such desensitization is possible, your question still remains: What to do with the shadow material that awaits us at every turn?
      This is not an easy question to answer and ultimately there may be no definitive reply to this question.  What I can say though, is that in my own work I have discovered detailed ways of how to approach emotional and mental shadow material which could relieve the being from their debilitating influence. 
      You suggest 'scientific method' for this kind of work?  Science will keep you in the dark about how to approach these matters.  Science has only devised drugs to keep you locked into their own hell-creation.  In my own work, which I call Spiritual Humanism, I have discovered appropriate inner work, which could take you far along the line of freeing yourself from many aspects of delusion and inner turmoil.  But here there are no easy mind tricks or instant enlightenment. Neither is god going to do the trick for you.  The work lies deeper than the position from where we project our gods.
      So if you like, we could enquire a bit along these lines. 
      hand in hand,
      Moller de la Rouviere
      Yahoo Groups: Spiritual_Humanism
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