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Emotions and Spirituality

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  • de la rouviere
    Dear friends, The question of our emotional life and its relation to the spiritualization of our being has often been raised both there and on other lists. In
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2005
      Dear friends,
      The question of our emotional life and its relation to the spiritualization of our being has often been raised both there and on other lists.  In response to this I quote a short passage from a chapter in my book titled: 'Working with Psychological and Emotional Reactivites'.  Enjoy.

      'Ours is a path of transcendence, not willful elimination or detachment. Every aspect of limitation needs to be observed, understood and transcended. Our natural emotional responsiveness is an integral part of human existence and as such do not need our interference. Being totally identified with the separate self-sense, we have already interfered with the natural function of our emotions. This is why we find ourselves in the state we are. The whole point of self-transcendence is for us to enjoy life fully without the impositions and complications which the separate self necessitates. This we can only do when we have brought our emotional potential into the very center of our spiritual, self-transcending quest. From here a harmonious relationship could be established between our emotions, the rest of our spiritual unfolding and our ordinary living experience.

      Our emotions are one of our most precious gifts. We need to nurture them and allow them to become an integral part of the function of our true, Non-dual human condition. Only then can they serve the broader destiny of our humanity as a Whole and inform every activity with a true and free emotional Intelligence. To be fully ‘spiritual’, is to fully human. And to be fully human, is to have the full potential of our emotions available to us at every instance of free and participatory relationship.

      The path of self-transcendence is the path of gradually allowing our humanity to shine through the ignorance of the ego/I-process with its debilitating effects on our emotional life. Ours is not a path of becoming so ‘spiritual’ that we lose our humanity and become emotionally-neutral ‘saints’. For a ‘spiritual’ path to frown upon any sane and coherent development of our emotions is for it to frown upon a very real and important aspect of Life itself.

      From this it may be apparent that if we regard the functionally sane and necessary aspects of our emotions as an integral part, not only of our lives in general, but also of the process of awakening to the Non-dual nature of things, we cannot avoid addressing those reactive emotional disturbances which are part of our present fragmentary, life-constricting world-view.

      Freedom in the human context is an open-ended way of life where real choices can be made relative to us engaging in long-term, emotionally responsive and trustworthy relationships, not only with ourselves, but with others and the world in general.

      Our path is not to be associated with a chronic and debilitating non-involvement with, or forced detachment from, our work, talents, interests, loved ones and other aspects of daily living. Our natural condition is not at odds with true participatory human activity. Rather, it allows us the freedom to express ourselves fully and without fear and to enjoy our natural emotional responses as part of the fulfillment of our Non-dual condition.'


      Hand in hand,

      Moller de la Rouviere

      Author of 'Spirituality Without God'.


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