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A Meditation on Two Languages + A Plug

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  • Jeff Belyea
    One for the seeking mind. One for the peaceful no-mind of the mystic. Why debate? It is as if one speaks one language and the other does not understand it, or
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2005
      One for the seeking mind.
      One for the peaceful
      no-mind of the mystic.

      Why debate? It is as if
      one speaks one language
      and the other does not
      understand it, or one
      tries to validate their
      model by attempting
      to invalidate another's.
      Transparent ego games.

      Meditation, a simple
      quiet awareness, leads
      to loving awareness and
      then to sacred awareness
      (or supreme awareness
      for the non-theists)
      and Realization of
      the supreme joy.

      Words break out the bubbly
      intoxication of duality.
      Silence is the only
      perfect language.

      Only those who know the
      peaceful no-mind (beyond
      rational mind) know the
      mystical language. Those
      who attempts to correct
      the mystic do so from
      their ego-sensibilities
      and fear of their persona
      (mask) dropping and
      their bare-face act
      being exposed - not
      necessarily to someone
      else, but most fearsomely
      to themselves.

      Call the other language
      mystical understanding or
      cosmic consciousness,
      dogs emptying their bladder
      on a red fire hydrant,
      banana-split bliss, or
      transformation, syrupy
      sweet samadi, a sunrise
      or a babbling brook
      over deep sand. Only those
      who understand understand.

      By whatever descriptive,
      it's the world's fastest
      language course. In a
      flash, a whole new language
      is known completely and

      One particularly erudite
      multi-poster once wrote
      that no one speaks from
      beyond "the anteroom",
      even if they have gone
      through the door leading
      to New Wisdom.

      The Truth: Once one is
      taken through the door,
      they always speak from
      beyond the anteroom.


      Only those who know
      the language of New
      Wisdom can hear it
      as it is intended.

      But..there's no need
      to get upset by this.
      If you come from the
      ego, you'll hear (read)
      this as coming from
      ego. If you know the
      language, you'll know
      from whence it comes.


      If you honestly like
      where you are, stay.
      Nice doggie.


      If you feel lost and
      have been swallowed
      up by social coercion
      and into feigned
      happiness and peace of
      mind, and long for
      something more...
      there's good news.

      There is something
      more. And it's wonderful.
      It is wonderful! Even
      if its Realization
      includes the fact that
      there's no me anymore -
      only no-me forevermore.

      If you don't know the
      way there, just stay
      where you are. It will
      come and get you. It's
      right where you are.
      No effort or some effort
      will bring this to light.
      Unfortunately, most are
      stuck in the middle.

      Only those who are
      brave and honest
      enough with themselves
      to venture deeply or
      cry out, "Some One
      teach me!" will break
      the intellectual spell
      of dry philosophies
      and the strangle hold
      of ego-sensibilities,
      and step into experiential
      knowledge beyond words.


      Trying to 'splain it
      makes everyone who
      doesn't know the
      language go bongo's,
      right Lucy?

      Keep meditating, Ricky.

      Can I tell them about
      my new New Wisdom Weekends?

      No. OK, type in your
      website and those who
      are interested will check
      it out:

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