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  • jasonjamesmorgan
    Unity. It is the natural assumption of all logic that there was a cause for this effect we see as the universe. Science has described it as the big bang.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2005
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      It is the natural assumption of all logic that there was a cause for
      this effect we see as the universe. Science has described it as the
      big bang. Some believe the hand of God was responsible. Some say
      that matter came from energy, and energy from mind.

      After some consideration one comes to the question, well who made
      God? From where does mind originate? Some people stop at the
      conception of the absolute mind, thinking that this is the bounds of
      relative mind.

      It is nessecary to come to a stop in this line of creation. This is
      what some call Siva (pure awarness). The mind is all there is. But
      now we transcend mind. With out mind, there is no universe. There is
      only Siva.

      To Siva there is no such thing as time or space. To the Siva this
      point of the universe is no different from any other time point of
      the universe. It is all in all. Nothing can be taken away or gained
      by Siva.

      Siva is pure being, pure awareness. It is the basis of the universe.
      Siva is the mirror, and the universe is the reflection on this
      mirror. Whatever the image on the mirror, the mirror remains

      This is the only logical conclusion of unity. Unity is the basis of
      all true religions and belief structures. Even if someone believes
      that his way is the only way, for him it is one. For another, all
      religions and creeds are true and one.

      God means both Siva (the mirror) and Sakti (the universe) together.
      For the sake of clarification I have seperated them. In truth you
      cannot have fire without heat, or ice without cold. Yet for the sake
      of proper gnani, a distinction has been made. This universe is dual,
      as such dual knowledge is nessecary for liberation.

      The highest conception of God is true surrender. It is all God. You
      and this whole universe is God. As such where does one go from
      here. Direct experience of God.

      The highest conception of God does not mean the highest
      manifestation. Meaning that even to know this truth of unity, does
      not mean that nothing more need be done.

      How to experience God like our divine examples of Jesus, Buddha,
      Mohamed, Sri Ramakrishna, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and others.

      If it is all God, our closest connection to God is our own
      consciousness. If it is all God the source of our consciousness is
      the source of all. The source is all.

      Clearly we must come back the way we came. Out the hole, back down
      the path, to home. Our home, as described in the bible, is this pure
      state of awareness called Siva. We left that state into duality,
      into the mind. We built up vasanas which we call our ego. This ego
      prevents us from returning home. We must first destroy these
      vasanas, to return to our natural state.

      For some these vasanas are slight and this realization takes place
      rapidly. For others a longer peirod of practice is required.

      This practice can take the form of devotional worship, meditation,
      etc. Thru meditation one can force this sate of realization for
      short periods. These short intervals remove vasanas.

      As descibed in the allegory of vasanas being warriors in a fortress.
      If they are killed as they emerge, soon the fortress is emptied.

      Sitting in medition and constantly killing these thoughts as they
      emerge, and remaining as our true state is the practise best employed
      by the learned. Devotional worship, doing everything for God is the
      easiest way for the not so learned.

      Om Namah Shivaya
      Jason James Morgan
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