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Sex no bar in Indian spirituality

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  • jogeshwarmahanta
    Dear friends, Namaskar. I am stunned to see the controversy about alleged sexuality of Ramakrishna. Is it sharing meditation techniques,concpts ? No. Sex act
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
      Dear friends,
      I am stunned to see the controversy about alleged sexuality of
      Ramakrishna. Is it "sharing meditation techniques,concpts"? No.

      Sex act is the superior natural exercise to any exercise you can
      name. Sex has never been an issue in Indian spirituality. It is the
      land of Kama Sutra. The four aspects of Indian life are-dharma,
      artha, kama(sex) and moksha. Manusmriti says that there is no fault
      in sex act but regularisation of sex energy leads to enormous
      benefits. Read Kumar Smbhaba by Kalidas. You will enjoy the
      description of sexual intercourse by Yogiraj Lord Shiva.Read Geeta
      Govinda by Jayadeva. You will enjoy the dscription of extramarial
      sexual intercourse of Yogeshwar Lord Krishna with Radha. Lord Shiva
      had 1(?)+16108 wives.

      Read sexual lives of adiguru Shankaracharya, sages Kandam,
      Parasar,Vyas,Bharadwaja, Sharadvan,Rishyasringa,his father and
      etc.etc. You will enjoy.

      Let me tell you an anecdote said by Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

      A sadhu was living in a temple. Nearby the temple there was a
      prostitute. Every night as a visitor entered the house of the
      prostitute the sadhu used to keep a peble to counnt the number of th
      customers visited the prostitute. Every morning he used to show the
      pebles to the prostitute and reminded her how much sin she had
      committed. The prostitute in turn kept her mind focused on God
      confessing that she had no other way to live. Incidentally sadhu and
      the prostitute died on the same day. The viman came from vishnu lok
      to take the soul of the prostitute and the massengers from Yam lok
      came to take the souls of the sadhu. Apparently strange but what the
      anecdote empasises is the "FOCUS OF ATTENTION".

      Contemporary mind body medicine also says that. So my health
      power formula is:

      Health Power=f(RxHT/UT)
      HT=healthy thoughts and
      UT=unhealthy thoughts.

      Now dear friends,The choice is yours as to where to focus your
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