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swamiji's 2005 USA tour info

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  • veena shenoy
    Dear Friends, Please mark your calendars. Paramahamsa Nithyanada Swamiji, a 28 yr old enlightened master from India is visitng USA again by popular demand. The
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      Dear Friends, Please mark your calendars. Paramahamsa Nithyanada Swamiji, a 28 yr old enlightened master from India is visitng USA again by popular demand. The following cities will have swamiji's free discourses( list is attached) . Also swamiji is going to conduct meditation workshop and HEALER's Initiation. For more info please visit www.dhyanapeetam.org
      Los Angeles:
      Los Angeles, CA:  
      Mar 15, 16, 17, 18  
      Mar 19, 20  
      Mar 21

      1. From Sub consciousness to Supersconciousness
      2. Power of Coincidence ( synchronicity?)
      3. Cognitive Shift
      4. Cosmic Intelligence
      We have the capacity to be Superman!  All we need to do is make a cognitive shift in our perception. When this happens, Cosmic Intelligence makes Itself available to us through synchronous events and happenings and powers us from a level of ignorance to that of total awareness.
      In these series of well laid out, structured talks, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda focuses on changing our concept of intelligence. He gives us the tools with which we can hone our skills of learning and perception. We are empowered with the knowledge to shift gears and move on to the super highways of personal understanding and experiencing. There is a perceptible quantum jump in our inner world. We catapult into a space that we never knew existed.
      Special Topic: (Seattle & San Diego)
      Seattle, WA:  
      Mar 30, 31
      April 2005  
      Apr 1  
      Apr 2, 3  
      Apr 4
      Intuitive Management
      When we ask successful CEOs of large corporations how they arrived at their most effective decisions, their answer surprises us.  It is not the factual basis of data and analyses; they say is what led them into their decisions, but a gut feel, an intuitive and often unexplainable process that led them to their decision.  The decision process was not incremental but quantum; not intellectual, but intuitive.
      Left to ourselves very few of us retained this element of higher intelligence that all of us possess when we were children.  We can relearn this process though.  Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda takes you this relearning process in this ground breaking lecture.  It is a fool proof process with guaranteed results and no side effects.
      San Jose and San Francisco Discourses:
      San Jose, CA:  
      Mar 23, 24, 25  
      Mar 26, 27  
      Mar 28

      1. Science to Spirituality
      2. From Einstein to Upanishads
      3. Chaos in Order, Order in Chaos
      4. Collective Consciousness
      Are Science and Spirituality mutually exclusive?  Or are they two sides of the same coin?  Can one lead to the understanding of the other?  How can mankind be empowered to handle its collective responsibility? 
      In a series of path breaking talks Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda very lucidly expounds on the realms of Science and Spirituality and the urgent need to bridge the ever widening gap.  He draws from the truths of ancient scriptures and the discoveries of the greatest scientific minds to show their complimentarity.  He urges us to embrace this understanding with absolute fervour as that is the only way available to stop man from his self destructive mode.  It is the path to be traveled for a complete awakening of universal consciousness; for the emergence of the new man. 
      Seattle Discourses:
      1. Mountain is not a Mountain � Cognitive Shift
      2. Intellect to Intelligence
      3. Caterpillar to Butterfly � The Inner Alchemy
      1. Is all that we see the truth? 
      2. Do we see what we want to see? 
      3. Is seeing truly believing? 
      In this series of tantalizing lectures Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda throws light on the role of the intellect and intelligence in shaping our perceptual set.  Through a clear understanding of the mind he helps us break the mold of habitual thinking patterns and experience a cognitive shift.   By stepping out of our self created destructive �comfort zones�, by learning to think out of the box we create the space for inner transformation to happen.  Only then does our vision become truly global, truly 360 degrees in scope and magnitude.
      Oklahoma City Topics
      Oklahoma City:  
      Apr 6, 7 & 8  
      Apr 9&10  
      Apr 11

      1. Listen, I am talking to You
      2. Let Go of the Ego
      3. Whatever you think as You, is Not You
      We view and respond to the world from our personal reference point, the ego. Whatever ideas and concepts we have of ourselves and the world around us is directly supplied by the ego. Our self-image and our understanding are dependent on such filtered information.
      In these series of talks, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda directly deals with our perceptions of ourselves and challenges the basis of our self-image. By developing the courage to let go of the ego, we move into a space that is free of debilitating emotional baggage. We find, for the very first time, who we truly are and not who we think we are. We are empowered to deal with the psychological bondage that has stopped us experiencing inner freedom. The transformation that happens as a result of this understanding is completely liberating.
      St Louis Discourses:
      St. Louis, Missouri:  
      Apr 13, 14 & 15  
      Apr 16 & 17  
      Apr 18

      1. Patanjali � Scientist Extraordinaire
      2. Hatha Yoga � 8 points to ponder
      3. Mind is the Mindfield
      There is a �Yoga� to suit the needs of each and every customer in the marketplace.  In today�s spiritual bazaar how many know or remember the father of all Yoga systems?  In his inimitable style, with a deep insight and utter simplicity of manner, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda brings to life the great sage Patanjali, scientist extraordinaire of the inner world!  More than 5,000 years the popularity of Patanjali�s understanding of the human mind with all it�s pitfalls and the remedies he offered through the practice of Yoga stands testimony to it�s awesome efficacy.
      OHIO Discourses
      Columbus, Ohio:  
      Apr 20, 21, 22  
      Apr 23, 24  
      Apr 25

      From Potentiality to Actuality (Bank One Discourse)
      All of us have untapped energy waiting to be released.  How often have you felt that you have it in you, but you do not know what to do to express that hidden talent, that unawakened potentiality?
      In this inspiring talk Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda lays down clear cut practical guidelines to transform your potentiality to actuality.  Using ancient wisdom in a modern perspective, he takes you on a journey of self understanding that leads to self mastery and self empowerment.  You will wake up to a new you that was already there.
      General Discourses:
      1. The Master Surgeon
      2. Master � The Zen Stick
      3. God.com!
      Who is a Master?  What is His modus operandi?  What is his relationship to you?  How does he do whatever he has come to do?
      In a series of layered talks Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda speaks on the multi-dimensional facets of Masters and the ways in which they help seekers on the spiritual path.  All you need to do is open yourself in complete trust and allow the Master to do his work uninterruptedly.  You will experience a new birth, a complete inner blossoming.  You will find no reason to regret your decision. 
      New Jersey Discourses:
      New Jersey, New York:  
      Apr 27,28,29  
      Apr 30  
      May 2005  
      May 1  
      May 2

      1. Emotional Intelligence
      2. Instinct-Intelligence-Intuition
      3. From Buddhu to Buddha
      What is it that sets the leaders apart from the pack?  How  does one develop a wholesome and well rounded personality?  Are there different types of intelligence?  Where can one find techniques to empower ones� self? 
      If these are the questions that are plaguing you, then be prepared to receive the answers.  In this lecture series, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda deals comprehensively with the issues of intelligence and the methods to transform oneself from a state of ignorance to one of complete awareness.
      Boston Discourses:
      May 4, 5, 6  
      May 7, 8

      1. Being is Bliss
      2. Enlightenment � It is easier than you think
      3. Ananda is your birthright.  Claim it!
      What is enlightenment?  Is it a bright light at the end of a dark mental tunnel?  Is it a state to be achieved after years of rigorous austerities and denial?  Is it at all a desired requirement of the common man?
      Through these three lectures Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda takes us on a journey of revelation that culminates in the �A, ha� experience.  He very clearly shows that the state of Ananda or Bliss is an uncovering and not an achievement.  It is easily available for all of us as it is the unknown part of us waiting to be discovered.

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