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Re: [Meditation Society of America] New Divine Life Society web site

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... Dear Dr Hoda, Perhaps like the old saying that you can tell a tree s quality by it s fruit, we can look at Swami Sivananda s disciples and easily see and
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 3, 2005
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Dr Shamsul Hoda
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      > hi
      > thanks
      > kindly send me more details
      > Dr S Hoda
      Dear Dr Hoda,
      Perhaps like the old saying that you can
      tell a tree's quality by it's fruit, we
      can look at Swami Sivananda's disciples
      and easily see and appreciate the gifts
      that Swami Sivananda has offered humankind:
      There was no other teacher in the 20th Century
      that came close to the number of enlightened
      masters they aided. And this includes Ramana,
      who was a giant and master of consciousness,
      and who we find now has many so called
      enlightened disciples (although most are
      once or twice removed via Papaji and
      his parrots:-)

      Seriously though, Swami Sivananda was a great
      teacher and role model for many people, and
      whose 350+ books and teachings, as well as those
      of his deceased and living disciples, and their
      disciples, remain a spiritual treasure we can
      all benefit from.

      As far as the websites go, the "old" one:
      has many many high quality freely shared spiritual
      books and articles. I recommend reading Swami
      Sivananda and the works of his disciples very highly.
      And even a quick exploration of the knowledge on the
      new site will show that it too is a great resource
      for evolution of consciousness concepts and techniques.
      And finding and sharing these kinds of things is what
      the Meditation Society of America, and this Yahoo group,
      is all about.

      Peace and blessings,
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