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Primal Bliss

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Primal Bliss Primitive is not a dirty word. The primal mind, the primary mind, the primitive mind, is one of peace and utter tranquility. It is the secondary
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Primal Bliss

      "Primitive" is not a dirty word.
      The primal mind, the primary mind,
      the primitive mind, is one of peace
      and utter tranquility.

      It is the secondary mind, the
      mind of duality, that is the culprit,
      the deceiver, the destroyer of
      peace of mind; although, it has
      no power to destroy. It has
      no power at all. There is only
      one "power".

      To step into duality is to "eat
      from the tree of the knowledge
      of good and evil", and step out of
      perfection, out of the primal mind,
      and sacrifice peace of mind.
      This is the allegory of the story
      of the Garden of Eden.

      This is the deception that is passed
      from generation to generation:
      that there is something to fear
      and have doubt about, that the
      wolf is at the door, the snake is
      in the grass, and your neighbor
      covets your BMW.

      And so the primal mind, the
      single mind, the simple view
      that fills the body with light,
      gives way to social coercion,
      buys into the deception, and
      the light goes out - or is
      covered by the illusion or
      secondary mind of duality.

      The primal mind feels secure,
      comforted, suckled by Mother
      Earth, loved unconditionally
      by a Father God, though
      these two terms are
      only metaphorical and not
      considerations of the mind
      at perfect peace. It is just
      in peace, simple, blissful.
      There is no paradigm or
      model required to support
      just being, just at peace.

      The secondary mind of
      duality is on constant alert,
      and keeps an inner chatter
      going as a strategy to stay
      alert and safe. It mulls over issues,
      frets about the past, fears
      the future, and is in perpetual
      re-think as a means of what
      it considers to be necessary for
      its very survival. It has bought
      into the lie. It has eaten of
      the forbidden fruit of duality
      and lost sight of the primal,
      nondual, natural enlightenment
      that is its birthright.

      To be introduced to meditation,
      to inquiry, to a "spiritual path"
      is a great blessing. These are
      potential tickets back to the
      garden. This is the base
      metaphor of all spiritual
      traditions and consciousness

      The fact that organized religion
      has, in great part, sided with
      the deceiver (the secondary
      mind) and made a twisted
      train wreck out of the teachings
      of the masters does not
      negate the truth of the
      primal bliss. Religion and
      unenlightened, bitter teaching
      effectively conceal the truth
      of primal bliss and cover it
      in darkness and "mystery",
      making it virtually unattainable
      by the masses.

      The flaws of fundamentalism
      (another deceiver) is that
      while it professes that the
      spiritual teachers, the
      authentic masters, are right
      about enlightenment and
      the possibility of reconnecting
      with the truth of Oneness
      or God, they, the rigid
      fundamentalists, claim to
      have privilege to and hold the
      "only way", the only key,
      to their only truth God.

      The fundamentalists claim
      infallible truth and claim that
      they each have the only real and
      "true" religion. And they shackle
      their followers in blind faith and
      a future promise of a heaven
      that awaits only after physical
      death. Fundamentalists prey
      on superstition and form
      exclusive clubs. They are
      warmongers and separationists,
      the world's worst bigots
      and terrorists.

      Meditation masters, spiritual
      teachers, authentic gurus, by
      whatever term is used to
      refer to them, are those who
      have rediscovered the truth
      of primal bliss, of enlightenment
      and joy beyond words.

      This rediscovery, this return
      to the Garden of Eden, of
      nondual realization, the mind
      of Christ, Buddhahood, Krishna
      Consciousness (choose your model)
      brings with it a "realization" that this
      loving enlightened consciousness
      is the hope of humankind, and
      and it brings an understanding that
      this is the destiny of humankind.

      All gurus share this gnosis.
      All genuine artists and poets
      share this beautiful truth.
      All lovers feel it in the air.

      God is Love.
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