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hello Nina

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  • veena shenoy
    Dear Nina, I am glad that you liked the about energy and matter representing two snapshots along a spectrum of what is possible . regarding your question,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Dear Nina, I am glad that you liked the about energy and matter representing two 'snapshots'
      along a spectrum of 'what is possible'.
      regarding your question,
      ({I also wonder what meaning and resonance the
      Upanishads (since the Upanishads were mentioned)
      may hold for westerners without the linguistic
      and cultural heritage that the intended audience
      for the Upanishads held/holds. Is anything lost
      in translation? Or, is the mind flexible enough
      to fully translate the meaning? ")
      I agree with you as we Indians might think everyone understands this sanskrit word. but my apologies. I am not a sanskrit scholar either but with the help of internet these days I try to find the definition.
      As far as yoga is concerned I don't think we need to have the knowledge of sanskrit. Not sure whether you agree with me,.yoga is the way of life. If you are keenly interested in practicing yoga, you  will have to learn five managements i.e. (1) Body Management  (2) Mind Management (3) Emotional Management (4) Social Management (5) Spiritual Management.
      What is the meaning of the term �Yoga�? Where did it originate?
      The word yoga has its derivation in the original Sanskrit verb �YUG� � which means to be united. Yoga therefore, implies the union between body,  mind, consciousness & super consciousness. It is believed that yoga has originated from the almighty GOD Himself   - from ancient Vedas of Hindu culture.
      FYI,  Rajeev is a boy's name and Rajeeivi is girl's name. strange isnt't it.
      Nina , it's fun to be on the springboard again!!!!



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