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The Simple View

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jesus is reported to have said, If your eye be single, your body will be full of light. For meditators, this might be thought of as one of the well-known
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      Jesus is reported to have said,
      "If your eye be single, your
      body will be full of light."

      For meditators, this might
      be thought of as one of the
      well-known standards of
      meditation techniques
      in which the meditators
      focus their attention at
      the middle of the forehead,
      or at what is known as,
      "the third eye".

      In waking consciousness,
      or apart from any formal
      meditation techniques, and
      with some license to translate
      the words to mean something
      similar, this teaching can be
      viewed somewhat differently.

      The word "single" can also
      be translated as "simple".
      And the word "eye" can be
      translated as "view".

      And so, we come to...
      the simple view.

      If you'd like to try it:

      First, begin to breathe,
      as Osho used to say often,
      "like a baby". This type of
      breathing allows the
      stomach to rise and fall
      with each breath. It is a
      deeper, yet more gentle
      and efficient breathing
      that uses more of the
      lung capacity and feeds
      more oxygen into our
      heart and blood.

      After settling into the
      relaxation of focusing
      attention on breathing
      like a baby, begin to
      let any thoughts just
      drift by, and settle into
      a quiet awareness of
      your surroundings.
      Be physically present,
      and allow the inner
      chatter to quiet down.

      And now for the simple view...

      Suspend all criticism,
      opinion and judgment.
      Allow no negative thoughts
      to take hold. Dismiss them
      until you are in "the simple
      view". Nothing disturbs,
      no person, no personality
      or acitivity or physical
      discomfort. Just allow
      everything to be just as
      it is in the moment. An
      incredibly peaceful and
      satisfying sense of being
      can be found - breathing
      like a baby and entering
      ...the simple view.

      You will notice that even
      the awareness of your
      physical sensations will
      diminish, and with practice,
      will fade entirely from time
      to time.

      A simple meditation with
      astounding results. It is
      a wonderful stress reliever,
      even practiced for only a few
      minutes. At its peak, it can
      lead to attunement with the
      Essential "I" of nonduality -
      discovery of The Kingdom

      "Only as a child do you
      enter the Kingdom of Heaven".
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