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Re: how tangents aren't tangents

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Yo Sri Ninaji, Very interesting post. It seems like this is dealing with the formation of a live-in-person group, or the expansion of one already established.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2004
      Yo Sri Ninaji,
      Very interesting post. It seems like this is dealing with the
      formation of a live-in-person group, or the expansion of one already
      established. Would this be correct, and if so, where would it be located?
      Personally, I'm copying this post to show to Bette, my yoga teaching
      wife, but I'm afraid that she is so busy doing new grandma yoga now
      that any input she gives will be pretty immature:)
      Good luck to all with this interesting project!
      Peace and blessings,

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Nina"
      <murrkis@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, holiday greetings to everyone.
      > I've copied below a letter about a group
      > that is getting together locally. Someone
      > has already responded and suggested we do
      > some study of Ken Wilbur's 'integrated theory
      > of everything', lol, since that is the nature
      > of the group. At any rate, I know there are
      > lots of perspectives available on this list,
      > and so I wanted to loft this letter and see
      > if anyone here gets inspired to propose
      > some connections we might think to explore
      > in our group.
      > For those of you who have yogi wives,
      > hint hint, nudge nudge, might you ask them
      > if they have any input?
      > thanks a whole bunch,
      > Nina
      > ---
      > Hi, everyone! I hope you've all been having good holidays.
      > Some of you may already have heard of the info in this
      > message, so please forgive the repeat and lend space to
      > the possibility that the ideas are evolving based on
      > feedback I have received. The ideas may not be in the
      > same form you have heard before. For the rest, please
      > bear with me and read to the bottom of this long message.
      > I thank you in advance for giving the content of this
      > message consideration and offer you many thanks for all
      > feedback you feel inspired to share with me. If you are
      > interested in joining up, let me know!
      > I am organizing an exploratory yoga practice with/for teachers
      > and folks who have an established, regular practice of yoga.
      > Since this is a group for teachers as well as practicioners,
      > part of the aim would be to help each other grow in how/what
      > we teach. The main aim is to explore, make connections, and
      > feed our practices and understandings of yoga by looking
      > beyond the limits of an assumed form of yoga. We will be
      > getting together regularly for exchange, practice, and
      > comraderie... and the fun of gaining new insights into yoga!
      > The structure is essentially a 'derive'. The term sprang to use
      > with a group called the Situationist International, a group created
      > by Guy Debord in imitation of Andre Breton's leadership of the
      > surrealist art and theory movement. Debord's group developed
      > several social-aesthetic methods for breaking out of advanced
      > capitalistic cultural systems. One of these methods was termed
      > 'derive'. A derive is a trip with no destination, which is diverted
      > arbitrarily en route.
      > In the mid 1990s, I spent several seasons practicing urban derive
      > in Vienna, Austria, and grokked that what might seem arbitrary may
      > not be so arbitrary, afterall. We are enmeshed in systems well beyond
      > our comprehension, but that doesn't mean there is no system. It also
      > doesn't bar the opportunity to have a few fleeting yet momentous
      > insights into the entirety of that system.
      > Where have we, as yogis, heard this before? You see, there is yoga
      > all around us, in the most unexpected places!
      > And so, in a way similar to the situationists, this group will begin
      > our derive with starting points (see a few of these below),
      > and travel to who-knows-where. All the while, we will, as a group,
      > endeavor to understand the connections, the nourishment, and
      > the wisdom that this who-knows-where offers us personally and as
      > regards our practice and teaching of yoga.
      > To get this group off to a good start, I have pulled together material
      > for three solid starting points, delineated below. Depending on
      > interest and availability of materials and guest demonstrators or
      > teachers, we might begin with any one of the following and see
      > where it takes us! As you can probably guess, any one of these
      > starting points could take months to wander. If we're lucky,
      > our group momentum will take us beyond expectations...
      > ** A demonstration by a local sifu of the principles and forms
      > of his martial art might lead to an exploration of how this may
      > in-form our movement into and out of asana. Supplemental to this
      > discussion, we might view a selection from a Douglas Fairbanks
      > movie and go on to view Dona Holleman's video "A Fish in Search
      > of Water", where she demonstrates her understanding of the link
      > between martial arts, Douglas Fairbanks, and her yoga practice.
      > Dona Holleman's video covers other ground, as well, and this,
      > or something else, might lead us to more material...
      > ** A class on how to develop awareness of the somatorespiratory
      > wave taught by a local network chiropractor might facilitate
      > exploration of how to incorporate this awareness into our practice
      > and how we might work with this awareness while teaching and
      > adjusting students. This discussion might lead us to explore the
      > connection between the spine and breath as put forth by Continuum
      > Movement and/or by Body Mind Centering work. How does yoga arise
      > from the breath? What is the anatomy and physiology of this?
      > How does this relate to the spine and the rest of the body?
      > To help us understand how others answer these questions in
      > practice, we might view videos of Vanda Scaravelli and Diane Long
      > practicing yoga and then play with what we have grokked of their
      > practice. Sandra Sabatini's book on the breath in yoga might be
      > read out loud as we attempt to integrate her understandings as
      > we practice. Perhaps there are other ways of exploring these
      > questions, and we will have an opportunity to go there, as well...
      > ** We might attend a Butoh workshop at one of the dance studios
      > and follow that with explorations of how the sort of consciousness
      > required to perform Butoh might express in the practice of yoga.
      > Will this lead us to a discussion of shamanism? Perhaps a viewing
      > of portions of Joseph Campbell's videos on the power of myth...
      > and an exploration of asana as mythic iconography? Have you ever
      > dreamed yourself in yoga asana or spontaneously gone into asana
      > and wondered what that was about? Perhaps this will inspire us
      > to share and demonstrate how we individually have connected with
      > that sort of spontaneity, and this, in turn, will lead to other
      > explorations...
      > Below are some questions to you all. Feel free to email me
      > or call me if you feel inspired to respond. (Oh, and especially
      > if you are interested in joining up with us for this endeavor!)
      > ** How has your yoga practice been inspired by other knowledge
      > bases and practices?
      > ** In what other knowledge bases and practices do you find
      > connections with yoga?
      > ** Do you know of anyone who might be interested in teaching a
      > class to this group? Active participation and demonstration
      > preferred to lecture... we want to be supported by guest teachers
      > to experience their perspective in our own bodies and minds.
      > ** Do you know of any videos that are somewhat documentary about yoga
      > practice, discussing theory as much or moreso than leading a 'class',
      > but which also demonstrate asana in regards to that theory?
      > I would love to hear from you all what your thoughts are on
      > such a group, particularly ideas for classes and what you think
      > would make such an endeavor succeed.
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