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Re: The ultimate goal of Meditation: dharmamegha samadhi.

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  • Tom Flou
    ... Dear Jogeshwar! ... You are welcome! ... English translations are available in several web sites. Yes, you may request that. ... Jogeshwar, I think your
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 21, 2004
      >>> Now billions of people around the world are prcticing
      >>> meditation. Will some of them who might be heading toward
      >>> dharmamegha samadhi describe their experiences? Thanks.
      >>> Regards,
      >>> Jogeshwar.
      >> What, in your opinion, would be the criteria
      >> for the condition:
      >> "be heading toward dharmamegha samadhi" ?
      >> What should I watch out for, in order to know,
      >> if I have any experience to share with you?
      >> Thanks
      >> Tom

      Dear Jogeshwar!

      >My dear Tom, Thanks for your reply.

      You are welcome!

      >May I now request you to go through "Patanjali's Yoga Sutras"?
      English >translations are available in several web sites.

      Yes, you may request that.

      >Can you also prepare and post a summary of Yoga Sutras?
      >The English translations may be of 2000 to 3000 words. Thanks.

      Jogeshwar, I think your demands on me are growing exponentially.
      I really feel I'll have to decline here. What comes next?
      - are you sure, doing all this, will make me realize,
      if I "might be heading toward dharmamegha samadhi?"


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