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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Samadhi

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  • jasonjamesmorgan
    ... have a strong thought of getting into Turya state, visualise every thing as Brahma and enjoys the state of Nirvikalpa samadhi sthithi with awareness. ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 13, 2004
      > Thought of an individual manifests into reality. If one desires to
      have a strong thought of getting into Turya state, visualise every
      thing as Brahma and enjoys the state of Nirvikalpa samadhi sthithi
      with awareness.
      > As long as we posess the Physical body, we have to do all our
      karmas, but by realising the source from where the conscious came
      from, one will getrid of all prarabdh, sanchita karma and so on.
      > As thought manifests to a matter of low feequencies, the person
      practising Meditation get the power of understanding so that he can
      stop the process of creating karma. In this condition he learns tobe
      in a state of witnesser and behaves like the Creater i.e. VISHVATMA.
      > For Visvatma savikalpa or vikalpa or any state is one and the
      > Than q : Ganesh


      Witnessing what? The relative perspective? The relative perspective
      and the absolute perspective is God WITH form, the Holy Mother
      (Savikalpa). God WITHOUT form is the Holy Father(Nirvikalpa). As we
      know nothing can be said of the non-dual state. It is awareness, not
      awareness of perspective.

      The dream body transcends the physical body and perspective. And
      Vice Versa. What is constant? The awareness of perspective? Where
      is this perspective in deep sleep?

      Perspective(witnesser) is Prarabdha.

      Staying as Sahaja Savikalpa Samadhi is the witness as awareness. The
      image and the mirror.

      It is all God therefore our closest conneciton to God is our own
      awareness(the mirror). Your mirror and my mirror are the same, but
      seperated by time and space. As time and space are themselves
      concepts and reflections, this universe is an illusion, our
      perspective is illusion, and any witness is unreal.

      A witness, a perspective(relative or absolute), a universe etc. are
      not there in deep sleep, are not the non-dual (nirvikalpa), can only
      be described as neti, neti.

      Bhavan Sri Ramana Maharshi sat to close to the fire and burnt his
      legs, not being aware of body and mind. Who among us would have
      gotten up before we burnt ours?

      Staying as Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is just awareness, no image on
      the mirror. The mirror holds the image of your perspective, my
      perspective and the absolute perspective. The perspective is the
      image. Where is perspective without image? No image in deep sleep,
      where is perspective?

      All I can say is neti, neti. This is true knowledge. All these are
      words, words, words. All truths are half lies.

      It is like this. We are all from the same city, but have been
      travelling around the continent. Now a century later we are all at
      different locales. The directions are going to differ for each of us
      to get back. We now drive our car back to the city(witness and
      perspective). The truth is, the Car is really remote controlled and
      we never left the city(nirvikalpa). Does it matter now to drive the
      remote car all the way back now(prarabdha)? What if you just say,
      screw it, and drop the remote control(perspective)? What if you sit
      under the bodie tree? What if your crucify?

      Neti, Neti, is the answer. Neti, Neti is true Gnani.

      True devotion is the love of the relative perspective towards the
      Absoolute perspective and Vice Versa.

      Blah Blah Blah. It was not my intention to argue about what stick is
      better to stir the fire, as both get burnt in the fire it stirs. I
      was here to share a press release. I have. I may or may not be back

      Om Namah Shivaya
      Jason James Morgan
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