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Re: [Meditation Society of America] The 10 Inner Sounds

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  • bhalla sandeep
    medit8ionsociety wrote: Anahata Sounds by Swami Sivananda Anahata sounds are the mystic sounds heard by the Yogin during his
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2004

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Anahata Sounds
      by Swami Sivananda

      Anahata sounds are the mystic sounds heard by the Yogin during his
      meditation. It is a sign of the purification of Nadis. Some students
      can clearly hear it through any one of the ears and some by both the
      ears. There are loud as well as subtle sounds. From the loud, one will
      have to contemplate on the subtle and from the subtle to the subtler.
      Beginners can hear the sound only when the ears are closed. Advanced
      students can concentrate on the Anahata sound even without closing the
      ears. Anahata sound is also termed Omkara Dhvani. They proceed from
      the Anahata centre of the Sushumna Nadi.

      Sit in your usual Asana. Close the ears with the thumbs. Hear and
      minutely observe the internal sound through the ears. The sound that
      you hear from within will make you deaf to all external sounds. Close
      the eyes also. In the beginning of your practice, you will hear many
      loud sounds. Later on they are heard in a mild way. The mind having at
      first concentrated itself on any one sound fixes firmly to that and is
      absorbed in it. The mind becoming insensible to the external
      impressions, becomes one with the sound as milk with water and then
      becomes rapidly absorbed in Chidakasa. Just as the bee drinking the
      honey alone does not care for the odour so also the Chitta, which is
      always absorbed in the inner sound, does not long for sensual objects,
      as it is bound by the sweet smell or Nada and has abandoned its
      flitting nature.

      The sound proceeding from Pranava Nada, which is Brahman, is of the
      nature of effulgence. The mind gets absorbed in it. The mind exists so
      long as there is sound, but with its cessation, there is that state
      termed Turiya. It is the supreme state. It is the Unmani state. The
      mind gets absorbed along with Prana by constant concentration upon
      Nada. The body appears to be a log of wood and it does not feel heat
      or cold, joy or sorrow. Different kinds of sounds proceed from the
      heart (Anahata sounds).

      Nada that is heard through the ears is of ten kinds. The first is the
      sound `Chini' (like the pronunciation of the word); the second is
      `Chini-chini'; the third is the sound of a bell; the fourth is that of
      a conch; the fifth is that of a lute; the sixth is the sound of
      cymbals; the seventh is the tune of a flute; the eighth is the voice
      of a drum (Bheri); the ninth is the sound of a double-drum (Mridanga);
      and the tenth is the sound of thunder.

      You cannot expect the sound immediately after you close your ears. You
      should concentrate and keep your mind one-pointed. The particular
      sound that you hear today, you may not hear every day. But you will
      hear any one of the ten Anahata sounds.

      The description given above is Laya through Nada, Anahata sound. In
      the same manner, Laya can be effected by concentration at the tip of
      the nose (Nasikagra Drishti), at the space between the two eyebrows
      (Bhrumadhya Drishti), meditation on the five Tattvas, on Soham Mantra,
      Aham Brahma Asmi, Tat Tvam Asi Mahavakyas and other methods also.
      respected swamiji, it was very nice to recieve this mail today morning. I have had the grace of God to have heard the sound of the bell on two occassions. actually i stared hearing the nada sounds on its own during meditation and never actually knew what it was. I felt as if everyone is automatically aware of the sounds till such time i read all about this. but now that i try i find that i am unable to get to the state of hearing the sweet sound of the distant bells that i heard. they were so entrappintg that i want to hear them again. maybe i have started trying that is the reason why i am unable to hear the sounds beyond the second stage. i can hear the sound anywhere without closing my ears, even while travelling in the train.i am an army officer. my name is sandeep.

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