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Ramrod recognizes an awakened hara

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      Ramrod recognizes an awakened hara

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      Thu Nov 18, 2004  1:01 am


      there is no need to describe an "awakened" hara in any way.

      First of all the effects are so strong and so "bodily", that nobody is probably ever going to mis-take it for (say) the usual "spiritual feelings" after intense meditations, which are often just phantasies, mild illusions or projections of religious/spriritual concepts.

      To mistake it with anything else is only possible, if the Hara is not totally open i.e. if it's just a little open. Most probable explanation then might be some "strange sort of illness" - because Hara-opening is a psychosomatic phenomenon, the body is an integral part of it. But when it's really open, the energy moves your body. For example, there is no room for wishy-washy explanations, if the hand of an invisible Giant had just thrown you on the earth and keept you there for some undefined time, while your spine is electrified joy and the body shakes all over, as if every cell of it has gone to the dance club.

      Secondly, up to now I've never heard or read it to be called "Hara awakening". That's not how I would describe the feeling and that's not the energetical happening. "Opening", yes, or "breaking through", yes, or "removing blocks", "activating the energy", "falling into the energy" or even "awakening the energy" yes. If Ramarshi calls it "awakening of the Hara", that's fine with me - but misleading for people who have not yet experienced it themselves. The Hara is just like a door, when you are awake, you open it and step thru. But the door itself is neither "awake", nor was is "asleep" before - it was just closed/blocked.

      Third: the need for explanations vanishes. Open Hara means your energy goes more into the belly and less into the head than before. So how to explain a thing which takes away our wish for explanations? And why explain it then? And who would want to explain something which is a personal experience?

      Ever heard some girls talking about how an orgasm feels like? How to get there - yes, that's a practical question. But then she either knows or she doesn't. Explaining it is the consolation price.


      Ramarshi is said to have written:
       An awakened hara you notice when your eyes feel as if they are four times bigger than normal. Are your eyes feeling so while reading this mail. My eyes are feeling that way just now.
       And more over, you will notice that thoughts and emotions stay away from you when your hara is wake. I guess thoughts hate the presence of the wakeful hara, just like poor Sakal and  Tanmayo hate my presence here at your list.  BTW, when you wonder why Tanmayo does not like my sharing  here, see the mails i wrote to her at:

      No comment. Draw your own conclusions.




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      for Kundalini-activation

      and Hara-opening).

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