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an interest of one's own Re: Scouts Requirements for a Religion Badge

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  • Nina
    ... Hello, Bobaroo, The spiral scouts are an interesting and sweet phenom. I picked up that link in my perusings of alternative childbirth/parenting sites.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 25, 2004
      > Dear Ninaji,
      > Very cool to have been a girl boy scout! I'm wondering if that
      > experience led you to architecture, or was your interest in
      > architecture what led you to that troop? The Spiral Scouts are, as
      > they used to say in the pool halls of south Philly, double
      > interesting. I had never heard of Pagan scouts before. I witnessed
      > myself thinking up some far out merit badges like spell casting,
      > hex's, changing enemies into warthogs, etc:-) Thanks for the unique
      > pointing.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Hello, Bobaroo,

      The spiral scouts are an interesting and sweet phenom. I picked
      up that link in my perusings of 'alternative' childbirth/parenting
      sites. Go deep enough in that direction, and the pointings become
      quite interesting and mind-boggling! It is amazing to see how
      some of these parenting 'movements' tie into various religious
      and political affiliations... even tying into the NRA and some
      of the groups that would find knife-making an important part of
      'unhindered living', so to speak. It might be possible to plunge
      the depths of parenting sites as a basis for a comprehensive
      treatise on the state of all things in the USA... if you think
      about it, parenting is the point of departure for a lot of
      idealistic fantasy about how to influence and alter the state
      of all things. A lot of shoulds and shouldnt's. A lot of desire
      and hope... utterly unselfconscious desire and hope, all laid out
      in 'how-to' and case-studies, to boot. It's fascinating.

      I suppose it was an interest in architecture that led to
      joining that troop, though we all know the fallacies of
      having an interest of one's own, when it comes to participating
      in the familial intrigue over deciding a life's path and
      choosing a college. It was around the time that we were
      using #2 lead pencils to fill in the "career interest"
      bubbles on the scantron sheets we were given at school.
      Architecture fell within the "acceptable" range of careers
      per my parents because they were under the impression it was
      some sort of engineering. I suppose it could have been industrial
      design, or maybe interior design if I had been pushy,
      but certainly not painting or art. Painting and art were
      probably less likely as acceptable paths by their standards
      than english literature or history. A very nuts and bolts
      tribe I hail from.

      Now, if I had it to do over again, knowing what I know now,
      I'd unravel the threads back to the beginning of highschool
      and begin weaving again where natural sciences, biology and
      anatomy left off. Ah, 'it is never too late' and 'no
      experience wasted', right?

      Too bad I can't get anyone to pay me for being my naturally
      inquisitive and inventive self. How do you get someone to pay
      you when your most prolific product is ideas and you can't seem
      to tame the shrewish mind long enough to carry any of them out?

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