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Amazing Swami Vivekananda Letter

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    This is an excerpt from an unpublished letter by the great Swami Vivekananda. More can be found at http://www.vivekananda.org Enjoy! In the said village lives
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2004
      This is an excerpt from an unpublished letter by the great Swami
      Vivekananda. More can be found at http://www.vivekananda.org Enjoy!

      In the said village lives a man of the Chetty caste, generally
      passing for an astrologer. I, with two other young men, went to see
      him. He was said to tell about anything a man thinks of. So, I wanted
      to put him to the test. Two months ago, I dreamt that my mother was
      dead and I was very anxious to know about her. My second was whether
      what my Guru had told me was right. The third was a test-question—a
      part of the Buddhistic mantra, in Tibetan tongue. These questions I
      determined upon, two days before going to this Govinda Chetty.
      Another young man had one of his sisters-in-law given poison to, by
      some unknown hand, from which she recovered. But he wanted to know
      the author of that delivery.

      When we first saw him, the fellow was almost ferocious. He said that
      some Europeans came to see [him] with the Dewan of Mysore and that
      since then through their `Dristee Dosham' he had got fever and that
      he could not give us a seance then and only if we paid him 10 Rs., he
      would consent to tell us our `prasnas'. The young men with me of
      course were ready to pay down his fees. But he goes to his private
      room and immediately comes back and says to me that if I gave him
      some ashes to cure him of his fever he would consent to give us a
      seance. Of course I told him that I do not boast of any power of
      curing diseases but he said, `That does not matter, only I want [the
      ash]'. So, I consented and he took us to the private room and, taking
      a sheet of paper, wrote something upon it and gave it over to one of
      us and made me sign it and keep it into the pocket of one of my
      companions. Then he told me point blank, `Why you, a Sannyasi, are
      thinking upon your mother?' I answered that even the great
      Shankaracharya would take care of his mother; and he said `She is all
      right and I have written her name in that paper in the possession of
      your friend' and then went on saying, `Your Guru is dead. Whatever he
      has told you, you must believe, for he was a very very great man,'
      and went on giving me a description of my Guru which was most
      wonderful and then he said `What more you want to know about your
      Guru?' I told him `If you can give me his name I would be satisfied',
      and he said, `Which name? A Sannyasi gets different sorts of names'.
      I answered, `The name by which he was known to the public', and
      says, `The wonderful name, I have already written that. And you
      wanted to know about a mantra in Tibetan, that is also written in
      that paper.' And, he then told me to think of anything in any
      language and tell him, I told him `Om Namo BhagavateVasudevaya', and
      he said, `That is also written in the paper in possession of your
      friend. Now take it out and see'. And Lo! Wonder! They were all there
      as he said and even my mother's name was there!! It began thus—your
      mother of such and such name is all right. She is very holy and good,
      but she is feeling your separation like death and within two years
      she shall die; so if you want to see her, it must be within two

      Next it was written—your Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is dead but he
      lives in Sukshma, i.e., ethereal body, and is watching over you, etc.
      and then it was written `Lamala capsechua', in Tibetan, and then at
      last was written `In conformation to what I have written, I give you
      also this mantra which you would give me after one hour after my
      writing; `Om Namo Bhagavate etc.'; and so he was equally successful
      with my friends. Then I saw people coming from distant villages and
      as soon as he sees them he says—`Your name is such and such and you
      come from such and such village for this purpose'. By the time he was
      reading me, he toned down very much and said—`I won't take money from
      you. On the other hand, you must take some "seva" from me'. And I
      took some milk at his house and he brought over his whole family to
      bow down to me and I touched some `vibhutee' brought by him and then
      I asked him the source of his wonderful powers. First he would not
      say, but after a while he came to me [and] said—`Maharaj, it
      is "siddhi of mantras" through the "sahaya" of "Devi".' Verily, there
      are more things on heaven and earth Horatio than your philosophy ever
      dreamt of—Shakespeare.
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