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Spiritual Life

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    This article is by Revered Gurumaharaj Sri. Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj, whose 88th birthday is Sept 24. Much more about Swamiji, who is the spiritual successor
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2004
      This article is by Revered Gurumaharaj Sri. Swami Chidanandaji
      Maharaj, whose 88th birthday is Sept 24. Much more about Swamiji, who
      is the spiritual successor of Swami Sivananda as President of the
      Divine Life Society, can be found at http://www.divyajivan.org
      Happy birthday Swamiji!

      Spiritual Life

      Blessed Immortal Atman! Spiritual life is an earnest endeavor to
      transcend sense-perceived, temporary appearances, unrealities, and
      attain to a vision and an experience of the super sensuous Divine
      Reality. It is an attempt to transcend changeful and passing sense
      appearances and to rise up and become established in the Reality that
      is ever-present amidst these ever-changing, temporary appearances as
      their very source, their support and their substratum.

      That Reality is present as thread is present in cloth, as earth is
      present in pots made of clay, as gold is present in diverse gold
      ornaments. Even as thread pervades all cloth, even as earth pervades
      all clay pots, even as gold pervades all golden ornaments, even so is
      the invisible support, centre and source, our goal, ever-present in
      the midst of passing appearances.

      That Reality is present even as oil is present in oil seeds. Though
      the seeds are dry, there is occult oil hidden within. Even as butter
      is present in milk, as silence is present in the midst of sound which
      is only superimposed over it, even so, invisibly, the Reality is
      present in the midst of unrealities. A painting is possible only
      because there is a canvas behind it. A painting cannot be painted on
      an empty frame, a canvas is required. A movie can be seen only because
      there is a screen present.

      Eko devah sarvabhuteshu gudhah (God, Who is one only, is hidden in all
      beings). It is hidden because of Its subtlety. It is hidden because It
      is by nature a principle, an essence, beyond and devoid of name and
      form, whereas the human mind and intellect are conditioned only to
      think on the basis of names and forms. The only things the eyes can
      see are size, shape and colour. But behind and beyond the names and
      forms there is the nameless and formless Being, a Being Who exists, a
      Being Who is of the nature of luminous consciousness, a Being Who is
      endowed with the quality of pure bliss—sat-chit-ananda Brahman.

      And to attain this ever-present Reality, hidden behind the outer
      screen of ever-changing and passing names and forms, to perceive this
      ever-present Reality, you must develop subtle vision. And subtle
      vision is only acquired by purification of your heart and mind: the
      greater the purity, the greater the subtlety of mind; the greater the
      subtlety of mind, the deeper the perception. And to grow in purity so
      that the vision is purified, the mind becomes subtle, one should do
      sadhana (spiritual practice).

      The objective of all human effort is to attain supreme happiness,
      peace and satisfaction. These the world cannot give. But being in the
      world, one can achieve peace, happiness and satisfaction in God. One
      attains the supreme peace and joy of God only by knowing God, only by
      worshipping God. But to approach and to enter into God, to have vision
      of God, one has to acquire the same state of subtle consciousness as
      God. The more you become godly in nature, the more you begin to become
      aware of God's presence in His universe. God experience comes when you
      grow in godliness.

      Spiritual life means growing in godliness. Sadhana in its various
      forms such as japa, kirtan, puja, svadhyaya, asana, pranayama and
      meditation is a process of purifying and transforming your normal
      human nature into godly divine nature. And to ensure that your outer
      life of day-to-day living—speaking, acting, interacting with others
      and all life around you—to ensure that it supports your inner sadhana,
      you are admonished by Gurudev to transform your present outer life
      into a divine process, a divine life, not the life that you have been
      leading in the past, but a divine life. You have to make your life a
      divine life by bringing into it ingredients and qualities that belong
      to God, incorporating into it divinity, godliness, qualities that we
      do not normally associate with man, that we do not normally associate
      with this world, this earth plane.

      So, on earth you have to be creatures of a realm beyond earth.
      Appearing as human beings you have to inwardly grow into the very form
      of a divine being, godly being. This is the secret of success in
      sadhana. This is the crucial test of the depth of your understanding
      of sadhana—grasping the quintessence of this inner process. It is to
      deeply understand the necessity of supporting one's sadhana, the
      process of life transformation, by a divinely lived daily life. Unless
      this is understood, unless this task is undertaken, one's sadhana will
      fail to bring about the necessary transformation.

      Therefore, with full knowledge and understanding, you should proceed
      upon the spiritual path. It is no more or no less than a process of
      total transformation of the human individual personality, a total
      transformation into divinity. Understanding is the first thing
      needful; second is the will power and wisdom to translate
      understanding into actual life; and third is a persistent
      perseverance, which is the only guarantee of success in this
      determined pursuit of the divine life, this determined pursuit of
      godliness in daily life. These are vital facts for you to ponder, for
      you to reflect upon. God bless you!
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