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Meditation and Religion (a reprise)

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Religion exists to support transformation. – Don Clark This is a wonderful reductionist view. When religion and theistic language are explained as metaphor
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2004
      "Religion exists to support
      – Don Clark

      This is a wonderful reductionist
      view. When religion and theistic
      language are explained as metaphor
      for transformation, and the words
      simply models for what cannot
      be put into words, the bubble of
      pop-cultural religion burst, and
      with it all the fundamentalist's
      blind attachment to lifeless
      creed and dogma.

      The great damage done to
      the individual psyche (and the
      world at large by the outlier
      religious fanatics – whose
      true religion is hate) by
      offering religion as a
      prescriptive constriction
      of "natural" living is beyond
      immeasurable, it is evil
      in its ignorance.

      Religion, as a "support
      for transformation", is the
      true light of the world.

      This is the message of
      the mystics, and their
      message is about
      a universal path that
      leads to a convergence
      of all religions and spiritual
      traditions - as support
      for transformation.

      To find this truth as the
      core of your tradition or
      family religion is the
      penultimate human

      Finding this truth, or
      rediscovering this truth
      at the core of your being,
      the ground of your being,
      is the ancient historical
      record and, at the same time,
      the most contemporary
      of religious views.

      When you feel an inner
      resonance with the teachings
      of an awakened teacher
      who has realized this core
      truth by direct experience,
      you are being offered a gift
      of the highest order.

      And it is always up to you
      to accept or pass on the gift
      being offered.

      If you've been rendered deaf
      or blind to the core truth by
      the massive trash disguised
      as religious "teaching" by
      the bulk of mainstream
      religion, yet still feel
      an intuitive stirring
      that there is "more"
      to life, go within and
      listen for the message
      from your "mystic heart".

      Everyone has one. To
      hear its message is to
      transform in a way that
      cannot be expressed in
      words, but can be pointed
      to by those who have had
      the darkness removed and
      have come to be true
      lightbearers – enlightened
      ones – those who have
      a choiceless obligation
      to share this truth
      (known as meditation
      teacher, guru, bodhisattva,
      priest, master, minister
      of reconciliation, and
      many other names in
      various traditions _
      in their original

      They know that core
      Transformation is an end
      to pain and suffering as
      the world's pop culture
      knows it.

      Don't be turned off by religion,
      or if you have been, keep
      searching for the light switch
      and recover from the ignorant
      teachings, and be open to
      the core truth that...

      Religion exists to support


      Meditation exists as
      a prelude to transformation.
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