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Meditation and Energy

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Meditators find an increase or at least freer movement of energy - both internally and externally...and the external aspect has several layers. And this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18 4:46 AM
      Meditators find an increase
      or at least freer "movement"
      of energy - both internally and
      externally...and the external
      aspect has several layers.
      And this shift has both
      practical and spiritual value.

      Practically, meditators find
      a more relaxed attitude toward
      relationships, goal achievement
      and life in general.

      The peaceful detachment that
      the practice of meditation
      brings is accompanied by a
      more focused concentration on
      tasks at hand, a greater
      tolerance for other people's
      lifestyle (meditation seems to
      tap the well of kindness and
      compassion), survival mode and
      personality, and paradoxically,
      less concern with the outcome
      of work in progress, and with
      what other people think.

      This god of what-will-other
      people-think is one that many
      people serve their entire life.
      They live the soap-opera,
      melodrama - in fear and
      sense of impending failure,
      disappointment and disaster.
      But that is an aside.

      Because of this detached
      (relaxed) attitude about outcome,
      meditators soon find that they
      trust their own judgment more
      often, and spend less time
      thinking "should I, or shouldn't I"
      and more time simply moving
      to action - with trust,

      Tasks are accomplished more
      efficiently and often can be
      completed in a surprisingly
      short time. It is as if the relaxed
      focus actually collapses time.
      (And that's another huge aside
      for another time,)

      Another aspect of the shift in
      energy is one that Gene has
      written of so well. He may
      come in to clarify and expound
      on this. It is about an attitude
      toward work, or the expenditure
      of energy.

      Meditators begin to view work
      and the expenditure of energy
      is a very different way than before
      taking up the practice of meditation.

      Instead of an aversion to work
      or concern with "saving" energy
      for tomorrow or some later task,
      (that seems to be a learned set),
      there is a sense of boundless and
      ever-renewed energy available.
      (Einstein would agree).

      Internally, the freer movement of
      energy is written of, and has been
      experienced by many, in many
      models; from the kundalini energy
      movement through the chakras
      to acupuncture release and
      meridian tracing, to the
      achievement of Buddhahood
      to the born-again experience
      in Christianity - which are
      accompanied by everything
      from a great sense of joy
      and peace of mind,
      spontaneous healing of
      disease and discomfort to
      spiritual awakening and
      Self-realization, in which
      any sense of separation
      of self from all that IS,
      is dissolved in an
      indescribable way.
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