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Re: Meditation and Diet/Food flights of fancy

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  • Nina
    ... Yea, ain t that the truth! ... LOL. You know, you aren t the first to ask me that about law. I ve been told that I d make a good lawyer. I can t imagine
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 16, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Nina. I can always
      > count on you to counterpoint.

      Yea, ain't that the truth!

      > No doubt you are a crackerjack
      > architect (and that's not meant
      > in any denigrating way), but I
      > would bet you dollars to donuts...
      > make that, cash to carrot sticks...
      > that when it came to your
      > professional training of choice,
      > you were torn between law
      > and architecture. Right?

      LOL. You know, you aren't the first
      to ask me that about law. I've been
      told that I'd make a good lawyer.
      I can't imagine why. Must be one of
      those invisible-to-the-professor
      grammars Gene wrote of on Nondual

      > Now, not wanting to precipitate
      > a food fight, I will simply reply
      > that I was reporting my personal
      > experience for those with whom
      > it would resonate. If a T-Bone
      > before you tuck in makes you
      > sleep like a log, good for you.
      > Atkins smiles from the heavenlies.
      > As for me, I am mostly a
      > wife-encouraged raw foodist,
      > pretty much a vegartarian,
      > but at core, and as long as
      > MacDonalds keeps their
      > double cheeseburger on
      > the dollar menu, at risk
      > of backsliding. That would
      > make me a flexitarian, I guess.
      > I'll eat what's available, or
      > whatever finds its way to
      > my plate. I've just noticed,
      > as you mentioned that you
      > have, that eating light seems
      > to quiet the inner noise
      > and, especially at waking,
      > a very peaceful and content
      > feeling is noticed.

      :) Hey, eat what makes you happy,
      or at least not hungry.

      > Always enjoy your poignant
      > points of view.

      I bet you'd enjoy them more if I'd
      only agree with you. /grin/

      May your food agree with you more
      than I do. Hehe..

      > Jeff

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