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Meditation and concepts

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Someone recently wrote (in another discussion group) about how they shut out other people in order to avoid negative concepts and arguments - especially about
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2004
      Someone recently wrote (in
      another discussion group) about
      how they shut out other people
      in order to avoid negative concepts
      and arguments - especially about
      spirituality. Here was the response:

      An alternative to being frozen emotionally
      is to look through sacred eyes at all of
      your brothers and sisters on the planet
      and allow all the concepts and anger
      and judgments to melt into the bliss
      of unconditional love. Gratitude for
      every breath and every moment of life
      as an undercurrent to daily activities
      can ensue from such a perspective
      - in minutes!

      You may need to look beyond the
      logic of the intellect and allow the
      mystic wisdom of the heart to take
      you to this benevolent place of the
      "inner guru". Meditation is one
      of the arrows in this holistic quiver.

      That is, you can decide and choose
      up to a point - but at the point of
      surrender of all concepts into the
      hands of a "kind creator", the source
      from which all of us created beings
      come, the journey is one of light,
      an immersion in light and an opening
      to an infusion of surprising wisdom
      that is ultimately logical, yet
      far beyond any of the intellect's
      previously known ability.

      Only the supremely quiet mind
      can receive the subtle, yet startling,
      wisdom. The thinking process will
      only cause diffusion of the light
      and intellectual interference -
      often substituting some vain
      imagining or even a false
      phenomenon, a cheap trick
      of the threatened ego, void
      of the wisdom of the mystic

      It is not about seeing light
      or feeling the presence of
      angelic beings or light beings
      (although this may be part of
      the "show") but rather about
      an opening of the heart, and
      "hearing" (without words) the
      wisdom whisper of the mystic
      heart...that brings an entirely
      new understanding of the
      human life experience, and
      lights us up like a Christmas
      tree with bliss.

      This is the absolute end
      of all (serious) argument -
      because this experience and
      the understanding it brings
      is never at the mercy of
      argument or debate.

      (Frivolous debates and
      defenses may continue -
      and they have a certain
      entertainment value...
      but are never taken
      seriously. Can't be.)

      This inner journey almost always
      requires the assistance of
      an authentic guide; not someone
      with any "supernatural powers",
      but someone who has made
      the journey, heard the wisdom
      whisper in full chorus, and
      can speak authentically of
      such a "natural enlightenment"
      that is available to ardent and
      thoroughly committed seekers
      of their true identity (As in
      "Who Am I?" for those who
      have a problem with the word

      This is the realm of the mystic
      heart, and it whispers in a
      unique language known and
      written of extensively at the
      mystical core of all spiritual
      paths and traditions. It is the
      language of the heart and
      of a deep dimension of love -
      which is experienced as
      both given and received
      to the point of the dissolution
      of the giver and the receiver
      into a unifying sense of being.

      This is the dwelling place of
      the mystic - the penultimate
      meditative experience that
      never ends.
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