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  • n0by
    ... Dear Bob, dear readers, What is love, but a second hand emotion?? – dubidu sounds somewhere from beyond, starting my letter, ` what is love, but to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2004
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      > Dear nOby,
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Dear Bob, dear readers,

      ''What is love, but a second hand emotion?? – dubidu''
      sounds somewhere from beyond, starting my letter,

      `'what is love, but to stay true to yourself?''

      To respect yourself with your bordered brain?

      To accept failure over failure from all
      your best intention? To accept your
      body getting older, weaker day by day?

      To accept your expectations mostly
      ruined by experiences? To accept,
      how friends turn your back on you?

      To accept, that's nobody is around,
      when you down and out? To accept,
      you fall and fall again to stand up
      one more time till you can't anymore?

      To accept your futile efforts for
      more peace, love, free speech?

      To accept, that the best ones fail
      - and the worst ones succeed ?

      This body brain grows older and older,
      gets beyond these endless quarrels
      of never ending minority complex
      loaded demonstration, how worthy
      again those word works may be
      for the readers, who rest with
      these thoughts with their
      life time, with their love?

      What is love, but to stay together
      in all quarrels, controversities,
      to hold to each other with
      caring words, feelings,
      support, ravings and
      rantings restless?

      What is love, to forget yourself
      one flowering moment holding
      your breath to care for yourself
      like for others, who are part
      of your world, who live
      somewhere in your
      heart, mind and
      body, when my
      hands touch
      my little Mimamai?

      What is love, when not to create
      a environment for freedom?

      For freedom to quarrel
      till cowards get strength
      to communicate expressive,
      what's need to be said for those
      dumb ones, who can't listen to
      anything else but an existential
      break down – running out of
      money, health or life time?

      What is love, but the worldwide
      terrific tensions burning in
      Outbursts of catastrophes?

      In natural havoc or warriors
      Job of deathly destruction
      - the poisonous remedy for
      healing time in total exhaustion
      like these nearly 60 years of
      peace in our homeland Germany now?

      What else is love, but to stay alive?

      Alive and together?

      For example here?




      In love

      P.S. Mimamai is my woman
      longer then the seven last years:

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