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Re: tapes??

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    ... stress ... question ... hearing about ... gave me ... myself. I ... few ... Radical ... own pace ... Dear Sara, I too feel that your own voice can be a
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Sara M. Leiste"
      <leiste@y...> wrote:
      > I am rather new to meditating. I first did it in high school as a
      > reliever, have gotten back into it over the last year or so. My
      > is regarding meditation tapes. Pros? Cons? I'd be interested
      hearing about
      > specific tapes, as well as the concept of using tapes in general.
      > This came up because my therapist suggested a few mediations. He
      gave me
      > scripts for them, with the idea that I would make a tape for
      myself. I
      > wonder if its better to do that, or if I should read the script a
      > times and then follow the instructions in my head.
      > Until now, I have been doing a number of meditations from the book
      > Acceptance, and I usually read the instructions and then go at my
      own pace
      > through the meditation.
      > Sara
      Dear Sara,
      I too feel that your own voice can be a very good one to be guiding
      you in your meditations. Either from a tape you've made, or from a
      script "in your head". But I do know that depending on the situation,
      anothers voice can be even better. For instance, in the case of
      someone whose mother put her down her whole childhood, it could be
      very healing to hear mom's voice saying affirmations like "You always
      know how to dress appropriately" "You always know and do what is
      best" "You are beautiful in every way". and so on and so on. One of
      my best friends in nursing actually did this with her mother. The mom
      immediately "bought into it" and both had a lot of laughter,
      learning, and love from this. Louise Hay was the first one I know of
      to share this method. I wish you well.
      Peace and blessings,

      PS: BTW, The Meditation Society of America's Guided Meditation CD has
      been very well accepted by many people in virtually every country on
      earth, and even though mine is the voice you hear on it, I don't feel
      funny recommending it, and am confident it has the potential to be of
      help. More info can be found on our web site
      Our hope with this CD, as with all of our projects, is that you will
      very soon be able to do without it, and be able to have meditation be
      as natural and effortless for you as breathing.
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