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Re: Benefits of Meditation/Josie

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Beautiful...beyond words. Thanks, Josie. ... mustaqawacka ... benefits of ... relationships
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 18, 2004
      Beautiful...beyond words.
      Thanks, Josie.

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      > > Does anyone have any personal success stories of the
      benefits of
      > > meditation, and how it has affected there career,
      > > etc.. that would be greatly appreciated thanks,
      > >
      > > Mustaq.
      > dear Mustaq:
      > i am writing here because this touches
      > a conversation i had with a dear one tonight.
      > we discussed how there are experiences that are
      > so sacred, alive, untouchable, that there seems
      > no need or possibility to offer them in words.
      > i can be as close physically to you as anyone
      > could be and i can tell you of the most wonderful
      > or nihilistic things, and it will not give you your
      > own direct experience of what i speak of. and it
      > may instead give you a description that serves
      > to make you overlook your own real experience,
      > because it does not sound the same.
      > that said, there is an avid curiosity in me
      > for reading and expressing at times. there
      > is also an awareness that any attempt
      > to use words creates containers for what is
      > infinite and undefinable.
      > what i would like to say is that there comes
      > a time when there is no separation between
      > meditation and life, between what is when one
      > closes one's eyes, and what is present, when
      > one's eyes are open.
      > also though, it was in meditation years ago that
      > i had one of my first experiences of vastness,
      > boundlessness, and time stopping.
      > if you are genuinely wondering if there is a point
      > to meditation, i say if it draws you, then yes!
      > there are so many versions and stories about it.
      > as far as i can see now, all are techniques so that
      > one can risk being fully present for what is.
      > just as psychological training is so that one may
      > feel comfortable being present with someone else.
      > many experience restlessness and fear at some point,
      > or wondering "is this it, is this right, is this
      > all there is?" staying with these experiences or
      > non-experiences are the openings to everything.
      > and yet the experiences no matter how fabulous,
      > are not it. it is the being with what is,
      > whatever may arise, that is really the crux for me.
      > does it affect one's life? it changes everything
      > and yet it is all the same. only more so exactly
      > what is. and there is a grace in this that
      > is wordless, intangible and utterly real.
      > surrendering all ideas, all of what i hold as me,
      > creates availability to what is present.
      > for me, breathing, living, writing, surrendering,
      > speaking my truth, loving and meditation are all
      > the same thing. being fully here, just as i am.
      > and within this is a softness, a stillness, and
      > an equanimity, available for all of us.
      > this is simply my (non-expert)perception and
      > response in this moment. thank you for an
      > opportunity to ponder this.
      > --josie--
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