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Re: ThaThaThaThat's All Folks or is it?

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Yes, the process of moving closer to Reality may be seen as passing through 70,000 veils, or the layers of an onion (I don t know why that one is used so
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 18, 2004
      Yes, the process of moving
      closer to Reality may be seen
      as passing through 70,000
      veils, or the layers of an onion
      (I don't know why that one is
      used so much...maybe somthing
      about tears (ΓΌ)....


      After 69,999 (veils or an
      exceptionally dense onion)
      comes the final layer, the
      final veil...

      and ThaThaThaThat's All Folks.

      Reality is perceived, experienced,
      understood as IT, IS, Source.,
      God, Perfect Peace of Mind,
      The complete and total clarity
      of the unified Reality.

      There is a romantic notion,
      however, that Total Clarity,
      Realization....is not possible
      for the human. In virtually all
      of the consciousness traditions
      and spiritual models, there is
      a favorable and respected view
      of the "aspirant", the one on
      her way, the one who is peeling
      his onion faithfully...

      But those who report such
      an event as making it or
      being guided past
      all 70,000 veils, layers,
      illusions, as an experiential
      Understanding of Reality
      will hear from angry
      "fundamentalists" (of many
      stripes) that we mortals
      cannot fathom the entire
      Reality (God, Universe...).

      Yet, The Masters say they have
      and the earnest aspirant can.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8i
      onsociety <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Yesterday when I was talking with Byron V, a fellow RN, and
      > beautiful photographic art will be featured in the next issue of
      > Inner Traveler, he mentioned that Guru Bawa used to say that
      there are
      > 70,000 veils of illusion. And I said that that's like saying that
      > someone is just a little pregnant, and that once THE Veil of
      > is really torn assunder, That's THAT! But I now witness myself
      > how the great Sufi master's pointing is quite applicable and
      > appropriate. When a seeker sees that his whole identity has
      been just
      > a fabrication, and that there's much more than just one way to
      > perceive Reality, and that his senses, mind, and emotions are
      > transient and flaw-filled tools to accurately perceive even the
      > of duality and totally incapable of perception of Unity, and other
      > similar and wildly different experiences, that these
      demonstrate that
      > there are many many veils of belief/illusion that are ripped
      away, and
      > more and more the vision and understanding of the infinite
      > Real Self identity of Truth/Consciousness/Bliss become
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