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Re: [Meditation Society of America] ThaThaThaThat's All Folks or is it?

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  • sandeep
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] ThaThaThaThat's All Folks or is it?

      > Yesterday when I was talking with
      Byron V, a fellow RN, and whose
      > beautiful photographic art will be
      featured in the next issue of The
      > Inner Traveler, he mentioned that Guru
      Bawa used to say that there are
      > 70,000 veils of illusion. And I said
      that that's like saying that
      > someone is just a little pregnant, and that
      once THE Veil of Illusion
      > is really torn assunder, That's THAT! But I
      now witness myself seeing
      > how the great Sufi master's pointing is quite
      applicable and
      > appropriate. When a seeker sees that his whole identity
      has been just
      > a fabrication, and that there's much more than just one
      way to
      > perceive Reality, and that his senses, mind, and emotions
      > transient and flaw-filled tools to accurately perceive even the
      > of duality and totally incapable of perception of Unity, and
      > similar and wildly different experiences, that these demonstrate
      > there are many many veils of belief/illusion that are ripped away,
      > more and more the vision and understanding of the infinite
      > Real Self identity of Truth/Consciousness/Bliss become clearer.
      Bob, there are degrees in the perception of Reality.
      There are no degrees of Reality.
      Your last night-sleep dream, its ethos, pathos, that entire drama, may have been the thousand veil dance of dusky houries.
      Erotically discarding one veil after another.
      It may have thousand meanings, ..............there might be thousand ways of perceiving it.
      But you, ........
      .......you are that you are.
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