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Re: [Meditation Society of America] A few benefits of meditation

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Great. There s more: A renewed awe for the beauty of life, a childlike gratitude for everything from a sunrise to a soft pillow, the sudden and startling
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 14, 2004
      Great. There's more:

      A renewed awe for
      the beauty of life, a
      childlike gratitude
      for everything from
      a sunrise to a soft
      pillow, the sudden and
      startling awareness
      that someone you've
      known for some time
      is stunningly beautiful -
      physically and as a
      person, and that
      everyone and everything
      is beautiful...in their/its own
      way, less concern with
      the outcome of events
      and more joy in the
      journey - the process,
      the displacement of
      the god of what-will-
      with quiet self assurance
      and comfort in being...

      All this childlike joy,
      with the mature appreciation
      of a a calm and confident adult.

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      <mustaqawacka@y...> wrote:
      > Thanks jeff, that has reminded me why i want to meditate and
      also inspired me to keep doing it
      > Jeff Belyea <jeff@m...> wrote:As more new meditators join
      > and post questions, a review
      > and encouragement to pursue
      > meditation is offered over
      > morning coffee:
      > On a practical level meditation
      > has several "layers". It is a
      > relaxation technique, a method
      > of learning to consciously "push"
      > a relaxation button and handle
      > everyday stress better.
      > It is valuable as part of a strategy
      > to achieve life/career goals. A
      > quiet calm and confidence begins
      > to settle in as meditation becomes
      > a daily practice. An inner state of
      > quiet calm and confidence is
      > "felt" by others at home, work
      > and at play. This inner calm is
      > accompanied by more patience
      > and a more tolerant view of others -
      > allowing that people are simply
      > where they are in their journey
      > of life. As a result...
      > Careers shift to a higher gear,
      > relationship move to a new plateau,
      > meditators easily quit smoking,
      > achieve their ideal weight and can
      > even play better golf. (A noticable
      > physical grace accompanies the
      > inner calm and grace).
      > In business, meditators are
      > more clear in their communication.
      > (The quieted inner chatter allows
      > the mind the process data and
      > sensory input more easily and
      > with greater clarity and trust in
      > personal judgement.)
      > This can improve efficiency and
      > develop cooperate relationships
      > between management and staff,
      > between departments, and between
      > co-workers. improve customer service,
      > company "spirit" and team work.
      > At a deeper level, the inner calm
      > and growing confidence in "self"
      > that meditation brings, has been
      > known to resolve and dissolve
      > personal issues, such as guilt
      > despair, fear and doubt, anger
      > and jealousy, and...
      > meditators find themselves
      > engaged in much more positive
      > self-talk in the course of
      > their everyday internal chatter.
      > For those who are seeking to
      > find some root "model" for
      > expressing their spirituality;
      > their interest in, longing for,
      > and search for "God", it is a
      > journey along the mystic path.
      > This "path" is found at the
      > core of virtually all traditions
      > and religions...and it exists
      > apart from any theism...as
      > a language of the heart.
      > Meditation is the cream
      > in the coffee of life.
      > Jeff
      > PS: Those corny metaphors
      > are everywhere.
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