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Re: Meditation newbie question

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  • Lord_Slinky@yahoo.com
    Thanks for the suggestions Nina, I ll try them out. I ve been trying to focus on my abdomen, but believe I may also be (involuntarily) focusing my eyes
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 9, 2004
      Thanks for the suggestions Nina, I'll try them out. I've been trying
      to focus on my abdomen, but believe I may also be (involuntarily)
      focusing my eyes downward toward that region as well.


      > Hi, Slink,
      > I find that when I focus too precisely or sternly, that
      > such pains are more likely to crop up.
      > Try letting your focus become a bit easier and more diffuse.
      > Three suggestions:
      > 1. If you are focusing on your breath by focusing your
      > mind's eye on your nose or upper respiratory system,
      > then try paying attention instead to how it feels in
      > your entire torso as the breath ebbs and flows. Don't
      > focus your 'eyes' in that area, allow your attention to
      > be more diffuse and based on sensation.
      > 2. Instead of focusing intently on every single breath,
      > give yourself permission to pay attention to every
      > third breath or there-abouts. In between the 'third-or-
      > so breaths', allow your mind to rest and your bodily
      > tensions to relax.
      > 3. Oftentimes, when we pay attention to our breath,
      > we very subtly change it. This can mean that the
      > breath moves to a different part of the chest or
      > that the length or rhythm of the breath changes.
      > I have noticed that if the breath moves to the
      > mid to upper part of the chest and becomes more
      > shallow, that it is likely to produce head sensations
      > such as what you mentioned. Consider paying attention
      > to how you may be influencing the breath and see if it
      > is possible to 'undo' your 'undoing'; allow your breath
      > to emerge in its most innocent expression.
      > Good luck, Slink...
      > Nina
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