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Re:New to everything...

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  • dabo_now
    ... I ve ... what ... mind? ... it a ... of ... out ... out of ... minutes ... and ... whatever meditation you do. ... and then get up and then start. ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 2, 2004
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, sandeep
      <sandeepc@b...> wrote:
      > Hi Trina,
      > Hi all.
      > I'm Trina - new to the group and I'm VERY new to meditation.
      > been reading the posts and find myself very encouraged to see
      > one might achieve through growth and, I guess, enlightenment.
      > I do have a few BASIC questions/dillemas and would love it if
      > someone might have something to share about them.
      > First... when I try to sit and "quiet my mind" - I always fall
      > asleep.
      > Excellent.
      > How do you actually try to sit and quieten the mind?
      > I mean, what do you actually do, to get hold of that pesky
      > I've heard this is normal - but it happens EVERY time - or
      > I end up thinking about not falling asleep and before I know
      it a
      > grocery list or something is bouncing around my head. Because
      > this, I've been trying a simple Budhist chant. The speaking
      > loud keeps me from falling asleep and keeps the daily chores
      out of
      > my mind - but I find that I can't do it for very long - 5
      > seems to be it so far. I've also been doing some stretching
      > breathing techniques before I start.
      > Any suggestions for a baby???
      > Next time, after a good sleep, get up and start
      whatever "meditation" you do.
      > If you again fall asleep, no problem, have another good nap
      and then get up and then start.
      > It is rather difficult to go back to sleep after 2 good naps.
      > If you find that your thoughts have moved to the grocery
      list, or to some Buddhist Rap
      > or even how you will get even with your %$#@&^
      > .......notice that your thoughts have moved to such.
      > And in the noticing, you are back with yourself.

      cool, Sandeep. :)

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