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Meditation Affecting Health Lesson From Buddha and Popeye

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  • medit8ionsociety
    It s summer and the living is easy. But it s hot hot hot. As users of human animal bodies, we have a need to keep them within a very narrow and delicate range
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2004
      It's summer and the living is easy. But it's hot hot hot. As users of
      human animal bodies, we have a need to keep them within a very narrow
      and delicate range chemically to keep them functioning properly. One
      of the most critical and yet overlooked things we can and must do is
      to keep our body well hydrated, as our sodium levels are affected
      easily and greatly when we don't have the right fluid intake. And when
      it's hot and we sweat a lot, we lose salt quickly and this can have a
      profound effect on not just our body, but also on our emotions and our
      mind. If you think about the old Popeye cartoons, he would often find
      himself out in the desert, and he would start to sweat, and before you
      knew it, he was seeing mirages and begin diving and swimming in the
      sand. Similarly, while seeking enlightenment, Buddha sat under the
      Bodhi tree for a long time, and that was in India with no
      air-conditioning, and sure enough, he started hallucinating Godesses
      and Devils. So what we can learn from these two great masters is that
      when it's hot, we can sweat out enough salt/sodium to cause us to hear
      and see things. Similarly, when we have too great a salt intake, it
      not only is bad for our cardiac and physical status, but that too can
      affect the way we think and feel. An example would be when people who
      get stranded on boats without water, and then drink sea water, they
      start to hallucinate and try to walk on the imaginary land that they
      think they see if front of them. And we are so vulnerable to our
      chemistry, that even drinking too much water can be harmful. There are
      people who drink it obsessivly and get a high from it, and start
      thinking and acting in weird ways. A hydropsychosis. So, just like the
      old cliche, we must do things in moderation, and that applies very
      much to the simplist things in life, like drinking the right amout of
      water and having the proper sodium intake for the conditions and
      environment our bodies are in. And then when we witness our life as
      it's taking place, which is one way of saying "When we meditate", a
      focused clear perception unaffected by chemical imbalance is available.
      Peace and blessings,
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