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Re: Nasrudin gets psyched out

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... treating ... As per request by a member s email, here s a semi-typical reading of a little of what we can get from this particular (and in a similar way,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23, 2004
      medit8ionsociety wrote:
      > At the request of the Mullah's wife, a psychiatrist had been
      > Nasrudin. After a few sessions he reported to Nasrudin's wife..."I
      > have good news. Your husband is cured. He will no longer go around
      > thinking he's an enlightened saint. His original personality has
      > returned, and he is now himself again."
      > "What?" she said angrily. "Before, my husband was someone important.
      > Now I'm going to be the wife of a nobody!"

      As per request by a member's email, here's a semi-typical reading of
      a little of what we can get from this particular (and in a similar
      way, every) Nasrudin tale:

      We can see Nasrudin's "wife" as being the inner chatterer that (all
      too often) tries to analyze (by seeing a psych) "Who am I". The
      psychiatrist is another version/persona of the same inner chatterer
      that cons itself/you (often out of fear of the terror and insecurity
      of intuitivly knowing that we have no real control or knowledge of
      anything) into thinking it/you "understand" something or other. But
      all too commonly, the "wife" is still unsatisfied with any so-called
      answer presented. The reference to Nasrudin as being enlightened and
      a saint is our "Real" identity, and even though we continually have
      this as an ongoing reality, our inner chatterer is in
      denial/darkness/delusion/etc about this and thus is ever requesting
      help in understanding what can't be understood except experientially
      without analysis. And, sort of finally for this already too wordy
      explanation, the wife decries being associated with "a nobody". But
      in reality, we are no body, no mind, no emotion, (Neti-Neti). And the
      other designations that point to us as apart from the rest of
      creation instead of a part of creation can be witnessed and known to
      be delusional, illusionary, baseless, and so on, and as much of a
      joke as Nasrudin, and our chattering mind appears to be.

      But as they say, when you have to explain a joke, it ain't funny. And
      as a matter of fact, Nasrudin tales are not only funny, but also as
      serious as serious can be.
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