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Nithyananda Foundation proudly announces the upcoming U.S.A visit

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  • veena shenoy
    Nithyananda Foundation proudly announces the upcoming U.S.A visit Of Paramhamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamigal To NY/NJ July 27 - Aug 5th, 2004 Spiritual Master and
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      Nithyananda Foundation proudly announces the upcoming U.S.A visit


      Paramhamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamigal



      July 27 - Aug 5th, 2004



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      Spiritual Master and Divine Healer, Paramhamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamigal will be visiting NY/NJ. from July. 27 - Aug 5th, 2004. A revolutionary spiritual master of our present times, Swamiji's vibrant personality and pragmatic approach have enraptured the hearts of millions all over the world. Swamiji gives us his pearls of wisdom in an uncomplicated form, applicable to suit our present day lifestyles.

      He will be conducting free discourses, Ananda Spurana Program(ASP), and Nityananda Spurana Program(NSP)here at NY/NJ. The Ananda Spurana Program or Flowering of the Bliss works with the cleansing and energising of the seven major energy centres (chakras) in our bodies. The crowning glory of the ASP is the Energy Darshan, wherein Swamiji becomes a channel for the Divine Energy to flow through him and gives each one a touch of it.


      Besides this, Swamiji will be available for providing Divine healing by appointment only.



      Schedule for Free Discourses is as follows:


       July 28th. at 12.30 p.m  - topic is Meditation-Preventive and curative

      Venue: Princeton Yoga center

       Host deborah

      call 609-924-7294,


      July 28th. at 7pm - topic is Meditation-Preventive and curative

      Venue: Spirit Club, Manhattan, NY, Call Robert 917-497-6004


      July 29th . at 7pm - topic is Drop your toys-Be matured 

       Venue: .Sri Gurvayur Temple,31 Wooleytown Road

       Morganville, NJ 07751



      July 30th. at 7pm. - topic is God is not for sale


      Venue: Dr. Laxmi's Colts neck. Privated party, invited guests only


      Aug 2nd. at 7pm. - topic is Nirvana- the Dead end


      Venue:Chaudhary's residence, marlboro, NJ

      Call 732-972-2427


      Ananda Spurana Program:  Flowering of the Bliss


      July 31st. & Aug.1 st. from 8am  - 10pm.


      Venue: Ramada inn,

      195 Route 18 south, East brunswick, NJ

      Phone # 732-828-6900 

      Charges: $250/- per person



      Nityananda Spurana Program ( NSP): 

      Aug. 3rd. & Aug. 4th. from 8am  - 10pm. 

      Venue: Shenoy Residence

      1 Rose ct, marlboro, NJ-07746.



      Charges: $250/- per person. ASP should be completed prior to  NSP.


      Healers Initiation:


      Aug. 5th. Healer's initiation. 8 a.m

      Venue: Shenoy Residence

      1 Rose ct, marlboro, NJ-07746.


      Swamiji initiates willing participants to become channels of his divine energy to heal others.


      Contact:  For any questions or more information kindly send an email to

                      Veena Shenoy

                      Tel. (732) 308-3954

      Email: veena_shenoy2000@...



      Reservations for ASP and NSP programs can be made on www.swamisworld.com  or at Ramada Inn.


      For more information on Swamiji's teachings, kindly visit his website at www.dhyanapeetam.org & www.swamisworld.com






      Swamiji's Mission is simple : to unlock the divinity that lies latent in you, so that you may live a more blissful and healthier life. To realize the self, there is only one thing you must be willing to renounce: IGNORANCE.


      Swamiji says: "There is only one time when it is essential to awaken and that time is NOW!�


      Swamiji will be conducting programs in New Jersey, Washington DC, St. Louis, Dallas, Okhlahoma, SanJose and Los Angeles. Details are available on the website

       www.dhyanapeetam.org & www.swamisworld.com



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